I like black eyeshadow but...

I would love it if companies stopped putting it in almost every palette!  Not sure if you are like me, but I only use it sparingly and have to blend-blend-blend (I prefer to use a black eyeliner than eyeshadow for my lash lines).  I def use the lighter colors up faster.

Thanks for letting me rant innocently.


Which colors do you think companies need to stop duplicating in palettes?


Re: I like black eyeshadow but...

The only reason mine gets used is because I do line with shadows. But I completely understand. I do find them fairly common...


Re: I like black eyeshadow but...

agree with the blacks; i have a Chanel that is so old and have yet to hit pan - i also do not care for the reds - some like them i know, but one was enough for me when i was younger


Re: I like black eyeshadow but...

Agreed! I almost never use the black eyeshadow, and if it's a neutral, I'd much prefer more light colors than dark brown, wine etc.


The only other I can think of is nude/dusty rose lip colors in lip sets. I mean, yes they do usually have a bold pink or even cool/dark red in there, but how about an orange or sheer red or peach?


Re: I like black eyeshadow but...

Neutrals can't always be light because not everyone buying those palettes is white.


Re: I like black eyeshadow but...

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Here here! I rarely use black shadow.....matter of fact, my very first ud ammo palette, I used up every single color except for the black. When just the black was left, I bought a new ammo.


I want every palette, especially a bigger palette, to have a WHITE color. I love using white to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, its great as a base to lighten darker colors, and can be used as highlight with smokey shadows.

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