I hate bold lip colors.

I hate bold lip colors.

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dislike bold lip colors. They are over-powering and overall just alright, and I don't use that word lightly. No bold lip look ever looked good in my opinion and I prefer something rather neutral, or adjacent to my skintone, but that's just me. 


Ps.I changed my opinion, because there are different definitions of bold,and I hate people bambarding me just because I hate a look. 



Re: I hate bold lip colors.

I've always admired the bold lip look on other girls, but for me, I really do like a natural look.  I am not a big fan of the bold lip/high gloss look either.  I really gravitated toward Stila's new Color Balm since it goes on super light, but with fantastic pigment.  Feels like a very natural look.  I bought Ruby for a more intense look, and Isla for a more natural look.

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