How to wear BB cream?
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I've been hearing a lot about BB creams lately and I had a few questions about how you can wear them;


I have seen that it is ok to apply moisturizer before BB cream, is this only reccomended for dry skin or should you always wear moisturizer under?

Can you use face primer like you would with a foundation and should you?

Since BB cream is also skin care if you wanted fuller coverage could you wear foundation over it?



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BB Creams work as a foundation and concealer plus a moisturizer all in one so no other base products are needed.  With a BB Cream there is no need to have to use a primer, moisturizer or foundation.  BB Creams are pigmented, thick and creamy, yet most are usually lightweight and breathable.  You can actually build the coverage of a BB Cream by applying it with a foundation brush.  The foundation brush will allow you to apply it in layers so that you can build the coverage to your desired needs.  I wouldn't recommend wearing a foundation over a BB Cream since BB Creams are creamier and thicker than tinted moisturizers, they just don't work well under foundations. 

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BB Cream is a base "all-in-one" product so you won't need primer but it really depends on your skin type as to whether or not you will want to apply moisturizer before the BB Cream.  I've been using the Dr. Jart Water Fuse and I need to use additional moisturizer on my cheeks under the BB Cream, but it's perfect for my tzone.  The coverage is pretty sheer as well but I wouldn't recommend using foundation over it.  I often need to use a bit of concealer on my chin where I typically have some redness but that's it.

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You don't really need anything under it, or over it! It gives pretty nice coverage and moisturizes so you don't need a moisturizer. If you want full coverage, though, just wear foundation... Wearing BB and Foundation might be a little much.


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For me, it depends on the weather.  My skin is oily during the summer and dry during the winter.  Because you don't apply a lot of BB  cream when you use it, it's moistening effects don't really seep into my skin during the winter...  So I have to use a moisturizer first and then apply the BB cream.  Otherwise my skin will feel soft, but it wil still be dry (it will kind of look dry to and the BB cream will look kind of cakey in dry areas).  During the summer, I use the BB cream on its own.

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I'm 73 with Irish/English skin but it's in good condition. Wish I could have afforded the same products for my body as I used on my face.Tried a sample of Boscia BB cream and got compliments at the gym on my skin but is this the best for my age? There are so many products and it's stressful trying to choose on a limited budget. Do you have sampling panels of people that give feedback on products?

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Hi there,

I found this thread in a Google search looking for how to wear bb cream. I was reading some of posts and also thought that since it was an all-in-one product, I didn't need to apply moisturizer, primer etc. I recently bought the Too Faced one, and the first time I applied it on my face with my foundation, it was amazing. However, the second time I applied it my face was feeling really tight around my jaw area and that's usually caused by dehydrated skin. I've had a dehydrated skin condition for a while now, but I was keeping it under control with the products I've been using. So, I decided to look into info on how to wear bb cream, and I came across this site's article that provided some very usual information. Apparently, a lot of people from what I know are wearing bb creams wrong. I've heard that there's a difference with the Asian ones compared to the NA ones, but after reading this article and following what it says, my bb cream looks so gorgeous on my face like it was naturally like that and I don't get that tight feeling anymore. My skin looks plump, dewy, flawless and healthy.

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