How to keep makeup from sweating off?

Hi Everyone... I can't keep my makeup from sweating off in any kind of heat, please help! Woman Sad


I don't have oily skin in all weather, or on its own. If I use an oil-reducing/preventing primer they tend to make me break out or dry out my skin/cause flaking.I do however get hot VERY easily and any time I'm running around, walking outside, or any kind of activity (though I love doing it) I work up a sweat.


I use Bare Escentuals Matte foundation (which I do find is better than original for preventing sweat off), the mineral veil, and BE primetime facial primer.


No matter what I've tried or done, how much or how little product I use, I can't seem to get passed 2-4 hours without having to completely re-do my makeup. I've tried blotting linens, but they seem to take makeup off or mess it up, despite claims that they do not (I've tried boscia's and other kinds)


Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! This is such an embarrassing/frustrating problem because I truly always try to look my best!


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