How to deep clean makeup brushes?

I'm so confused when it comes to deep cleaning makeup brushes that I don't know what to use? I'm considering investing in MAC.'s brush cleanser or Sephora's Brush Shampoo but I wanted to know what other people thought of it before I buy it. Also one time when I cleaned my makeup brushes I used a dishwashing soap (it wasn't anti-bacterial I don't think) and it worked fine. Is it safe for my brushes if I decided to continue using a dishwashing soap to clean my makeup brushes? Does it have to be anti-bacterial? Lastly my makeup brushes are all synthetic if that matters.

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With my brushes, I just gently wash them with some good gentle shampoo. At the sink I use a bit of shampoo and massage the brush hairs gently, finishing with a thorough rinse. Then I let them air dry.

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