How to clean makeup brushes?

What's the best way to clean your makeup brushes? I'm so confused. I've heard that people use baby shampoo, olive oil, dish soap, hand soap, brush cleaner and rubbing alcohol. I've also heard negative things about those items (that baby shampoo doesn't discenfect your brushes, that olive oil strips the brushes of its natural oils, that dish soap is too harsh, that hand soap just ruins the brushes and that brush cleaner is only good for spot cleaning). One person even said that people who use soap and warm water to clean their makeup brushes are not real makeup artists. I'm sooo confused. I know that I need to clean my brushes often but I don't want to do it wrong and ruin my brushes. HELP! By the way Michelle Phan uses a combination of olive oil and dish soap and I really admire her. Should I use her method? Yesterday I washed my makeup brushes using dish soap. Is that okay? Also Michelle Phan drys her makeup brushes by using a brush guard and then putting the brushes in a cup bristles-side down so that all the excess water drips down out of the brushes and doesn't ruin the glue.

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You had some really great suggestions on your other post.

I use the sephora daily brush cleaner every few days and the sephora brush shampoo every week or two. At the very least these products wouldn't hurt your sephora brand brushes! I dry them with the ends hanging off a counter.

I can see how oil and soap can be harmful - some soaps have harsh ingredients. I don't see what the harm would be using baby shampoo though.

Hi Jenbird.  It depends on the brush.  For natural bristles, you want want to use a brush cleaner or a gentle shampoo.  I like the Sephora Collection Purifying Brush Shampoo because it cleans and sanitizes.  Baby shampoo won't sanitize. I've never tried olive oil and the idea of dish soap scares me (seems like it would leave residue and would be harsh for natural bristles) but again I've never tried it.  Rubbing alcohol will sanitize but isn't the best for taking out the pigment.  It is also really harsh for your brush.  I used to use it when I worked at a makeup counter because I was using the brushes on so many people and didn't have time to shampoo more than once a day.  With synthetic bristle brushes, you can used just about anything. I've used hand soap and it's fine.  I like to leave my brushes on the counter with the bristles hanging over the edge so the water drips down and not back into the barrel.  I haven't tried a cup but I suppose it would work if you had a brush guard otherwise it my alter the shape.  Most important thing when drying brushes is to not leave them upright as the water will loosen the glue.

Purifying Brush Shampoo

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