How should I introduce my tween daughter to makeup?

I promised my daughter that when she starts middle school, she would be allowed to wear appropriate makeup.  I figure now is a good time to get her started so that she has the summer to get the hang of it.  Any suggestions for how to go about making this a special occasion and what products to start her with?


Re: How should I introduce my tween daughter to makeup?

I would suggest starting her out with lipgloss and maybe a light champagne eyeshadow. Or a nude/natural blush. I think eyeliner would be too harsh if she's just going into middle school.


Re: How should I introduce my tween daughter to makeup?

I agree with sephoralovex  I think lipgloss & lighter eyeshadow is good for middle school aged girl.  Maybe something with glitter in it? In JH I wore mascara and curled my lashes, and lipgloss- that is it.  I didnt wear any eyeliner, foundation, blush, etc.  I only wore blush & eyeshadow to dances. I think HS is a good time to learn how to use foundation, blush, bronzer, etc (I wish I had learned then!)

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