How often should you wash powder brushes?
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I agree that if you are using them for anyone else, they should be washed after every use.


for my personal brushes, I quick wash them with a fast drying spray after EVERY use. They work better when they are clean anyhow. I use the clinique makeup brush cleaner (it is pink!). 


I deep clean them once a month or month and a half (i slack a little since i quick wash them after every use anyway) using gentle shampoo for the synthetic haired ones and a touch of conditioner added for the animal hair ones (though i hate those because they smell when wet). 

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If you are acne prone or would simply like to remove any residue from the brushes, try refreshing them daily with Bare Escentuals Quick Change.


For a once a week brush bath (some people wash their brushes once a month or every 2 weeks), try their Well Cared For.


If you are doing makeup as an artist (on someone else or professionally), your brushes should be washed after each use.

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I spot clean with MAC's brush cleaner after every use but I deep clean one a week with baby shampoo

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