How often do you buy makeup?

How often do you buy makeup?

I'm curious how many of us often buy makeup. Since I'm assuming majority of us are makeup addicts, we just can't stop buying it! But how often? Seasonal? Monthly? Yearly? 


I don't always buy a lot of makeup in one purchase, so for me it's probably every two months. Considering how often I'm on Sephora I'm surprised that's how often I shop.. Haha. But hey, I don't have parents paying for my makeup anymore nor do I have a great paying job... yet. As for drugstore makeup, I only buy some when I'm at the drugstores or a new product is released and I really want to try it. Which is every couple months.

Re: How often do you buy makeup?

Yes, I know it's only about to be June. But I'm already so excited for the holiday months to shop even more in Sephora!

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