How much makeup should I be wearing?

I'm 15 (going to be a sophomore in high school) and I was wondering how much makeup and which shades, brands, etc I should be wearing. Usually I just wear Stila liquid eyeliner, Korres lip butter, and sometimes a little foundation.


Should I be wearing blush? Mascara? BB Cream? Eyeshadow? I was thinking about trying a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer for daily use, but I don't know which is better or what brands to try. 


I have medium brown/green eyes, medium-dark brown hair, and fair/light combination skin.


Thanks for any advice! 

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How much you should wear depends on you and your mom/whoever cares for you.  When I was a sophomore I wore tinted moisturizer, powder, a natural eye shadow, mascara, blush, and a natural colored lip gloss.  I didn't wear much until my senior year, but looking back I would have worn better quality products and just a bit more coverage and some eyeliner.  My mom didn't want me to wear much, but she didn't wear much herself.  Now I help her with her makeup!!  So what you feel comfortable with and the look you aim for is really what decides what and how much.  When you know those answers, post again!!  I know so many of us would love to help you find the right products!!!

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