How much makeup should I be wearing?

I'm 15 (going to be a sophomore in high school) and I was wondering how much makeup and which shades, brands, etc I should be wearing. Usually I just wear Stila liquid eyeliner, Korres lip butter, and sometimes a little foundation.


Should I be wearing blush? Mascara? BB Cream? Eyeshadow? I was thinking about trying a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer for daily use, but I don't know which is better or what brands to try. 


I have medium brown/green eyes, medium-dark brown hair, and fair/light combination skin.


Thanks for any advice! 

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I think mascara is universally flattering.  But as to how much make up you "should" be wearing, i don't think there is any one answer.  It is up to you, and your comfort level.  It doesn't sound like you're at risk of "over-doing" it which sometimes happens.


I would buy an inexpensive drugstore mascara first to see how you like it. 




I think what you're wearing sounds fine.  If you're wearing foundation, you probably don't want a BB cream or tinted moisturizer unless you're looking to wear something lighterweight instead.


I would suggest that you check out mascara, however.  I was just saying in another thread that I wish someone had pointed out to me earlier how much it enhances eyes.  I wouldn't go too dramatic, just something to define your lashes a bit.


Of course, you should wear what you want!  That's my big advice.  Don't wear something because someone else says you should.  Wear it because you like how it looks and you enjoy it.

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The amount of make up you wear really depends on how comfortable you are with what you're wearing. I recommend trying out samples or going to make up counters so you can find the best brand for you. If you are wanting to wear the total package than here are a couple things that would work for you:

Eye Shadow: Golds, Bronzes, and Copper colors would really make your eyes pop!

BB Cream: If you have extremely oily skin use a compact foundation to keep it safe but if you have normal skin type, like me, I love Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. Its light and goes on so smoothly however its a little watery so you need to apply multiple layers. I prefer BB Creams over Tinted moisturizers since they do so much more for your skin.

Blush: Since you have a fair complexion, a rosy-pink color would be really great on you! Try to go for a powder blush since cream blushes need to be reapplied throughout the day. (Make sure your lip color is similar to your blush so you don't look like a clown)

Mascara: Ok you should ALWAYS wear mascara! It really makes your eyes pop and is pretty much the key piece for your make up! Honestly a simple drugstore mascara like covergirl works great!


If your face tends to get oily, wear a powder with your BB Cream that you can touch up your face with! But make sure you use blotting sheets before you reapply to reduce cakiness.

Hope this helps!Smiley Happy

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I'm in 8th grade and I wear mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, pressed powder, sometimes blush, and never really lip products. I usually wear drug store makeup, but recently i have been wearing more highend such as urban decay, benefit, and tarte. I would recommend just where what you are comfortable in and if you want to where more makeup try it out,but don't over do it.

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How much you should wear depends on you and your mom/whoever cares for you.  When I was a sophomore I wore tinted moisturizer, powder, a natural eye shadow, mascara, blush, and a natural colored lip gloss.  I didn't wear much until my senior year, but looking back I would have worn better quality products and just a bit more coverage and some eyeliner.  My mom didn't want me to wear much, but she didn't wear much herself.  Now I help her with her makeup!!  So what you feel comfortable with and the look you aim for is really what decides what and how much.  When you know those answers, post again!!  I know so many of us would love to help you find the right products!!!

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Hi KarissaU, since you're 15, and probably don't have many imperfections to cover yet (besides the occasional blemish) I would skip foundation and let your beautiful, young, healthy skin shine!  If you just want to even out your skin tone, I would suggest something very sheer like Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 which will hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect your skin in a single step.


Miracle Skin Transformer - Miracle Skin™ Transformer SPF 20


Then just cover any blemishes with concealer where needed.  A little mascara, your Korres lip butter, and a pop of blush on your cheeks is all that you need to complete your look. Try Benefit Cosmetics Hervana:


Benefit Hervana.jpg


Smiley Happy -Laura

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Well, as a high school student myself, I think you shouldn't wear much make up, maybe a tinted moisturizer and some mascara so you have a natural look. I woudn't recommend going too far and use eyeliners and eyeshadows because you can really make an impression and look "different to your daily look" when going out!  

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