How much does it cost to get makeup done at Laura Mercier?
I know this is Sephora but I really need to know how much it costs to get it done. Im getting it done for prom Saturday and I want to make sure I bring enough money. And I also wanted to ask is Laura Mercier makeup good? Including eyeshadows? I was going to get it done at Bobbi Brown but they were booked when I needed to go. I haven't heard much about LM and I want to make sure their makeup is good. I want a flawless face, with a taupe smokey eye and maybe nude/light pink lips. Would they be good for this kind of look?
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It costs $50 for a makeover at Sephora, but you get a $50 giftcard which you can use to purchase products you like at the makeover or later. You need to book an appointment for this service, so be sure to call ahead and reserve your time.


I like Laura Mercier products, their tinted moisturizer is very nice. The makeup artist at Sephora will be happy to recommend products that are perfect for you.

Have fun at your prom!

Prettyinpa is right, it's $50 but you spend it on products, so it's totally worth it as you may want to buy what the makeup artist uses on ur face. It's a win win. However, I've bought a few makeup sampler kits that have come with a complementary card for a free makeup session where you don't have to spend the money...but I'd say to for it. They do amazing work at sephora and the girl also helped teach me.

I am getting my makeup done by Sephora for my prom and I am sooo excited! I have had my makeup done before there, and they do such a good job! I love going into Sephora because they are so nice there and so informative, it's just such a good environment lol. I wouldn't necessarily just use Laura Mercier products, I would just let the Sephora makeup artist reccomend things for you, cause she will definitely know what shes talking about (: I hope you enjoy getting your makeup done there, your going to have so much fun!



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