How do u make your hair less greasy?
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Before I started highlighting my hair I had very oily hair (now it's dry from color-treating).  Anyway, what I used to do was use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for oily hair.  Also, I made sure not to get the conditioner close to my scalp.  As a matter of fact, I only put the conditioner at the very ends of my hair.

Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:


that is a very common question to females! i beleive you should do the following to help minimmize oil!

1. do not touch it! the oil from your hands goes into your hair to make a yucky sensation!

2. Use a dry shampoo, personally I have never used one but i have heard they work wonderfully!

3. Do not wash you hair everyday that only makes it all worse even though you might think it might make it better!

4. Rinse out ALL of your shampoo/ conditioner!

5. Do not put conditioner on your part or around that area it might make it smoother but i think it makes it greesier!

I hope this all helps but after all hair is bound to get greasy at one point!

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I'm not sure you can make your hair produce less oil, that is be less greasy. You can wash it with a shampoo made for oily hair, and use dry shampoo (Oscar Blandi makes a good one) in between shampoos. Even though I have oily hair, I don't wash more than once a day, as that will cause your scalp to overproduce oil. I have heard that taking Omega 3-fatty acid capsules will lessen oil production in your skin, but I haven't seen any evidence of this though I have been taking them for months.

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You've gotten a lot of great options! You definitely want to buy shampoos geared towards oily scalps. Also you can look into exfoliating conditioners (they have exfoliating beads in them).

Check out Her Cut Shampoo:


Also, applying conditioner to the body of your hair is a great way to keep your scalp's oil production low.


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You Can Use A Dry Shampoo I Have Greasy Hair And Dry Shampoo always helps me:smileyhappy:

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Try a dry shampoo! 

I usally use it for my second day hair when it starts to get oily but it really helps get rid of oils. TIGI makes a great one but if you want a chaper version I know that Tresemme makes one as well. 

I think dry shampoo is a must have for everyone! 

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baby powders in the roots or dry shampoo like tresemme.

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Two words: dry shampoo.

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1.Try not to touch it all throughout the day because the oils on your hands will make your hair greasy.

2. dont wash it everyday, because washing it all the time is harsh and is not good for it. -if you only wash it every second day your hair will become stronger and wont get oily as easy.

3.playing with it too much (brushing, curling, straightening) will make it greasy faster.

4.and just you swetting all day will make it greasy (putting it up while you do exercise will help) 


and if all else fails, dry shampoo!


i like to put dry shampoo in my hair at the start of the day if i know that im doing exericise that day or i just want it to look clean and fresh all day!


Hope this helps :smileyhappy:

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