How can I keep my mascara from clumping? (two part question)

Every time I put on mascara it clumps! Any brand. Not so much on my eyelashes, but a huge lump of it always ends up on the outside corner of my eyes. Then that smears and it looks awful. Is there any way I can prevent my mascara from doing this?

Another question I have is applying eyeliner on my top lid. I'm great with putting it on my bottom lid, but I'm having so much trouble with the top lid. (I'm currently using UD's 24/7 eyeliner) I try my best to steady my hand but I just can't get the line straight and it ends up going over my eyeshadow. This combined with the clumpy mascara mess on my eyes is causing me to look like a raccoon. Not sexy.

Any would be appreciated! Thank you!

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I'll try to help based on what I understand the problem to be. First off, are you wiping the end of your mascara brush off before attempting to apply mascara?  Especially after you have been using a tube for awhile, the end of the brush tends to accumulate a large glob of mascara and if you don't wipe this off first, it tends to deposit too much mascara on the outer end of your lashline, this could cause that clumping you are describing. Same with if you apply your mascara by getting the brush right up against your lash roots, this can deposit mascara on your lid edge and since it doesn't stick so well there, that could cause that clump. You can wipe off the excess mascara from the end of the wand with a clean tissue, or someone (I think it was tenngal) recommended using lint-free hair end papers that come in a big box from beauty supply/salon stores. As for applying mascara on the roots of your lashes, try starting the wand up closer to the middle of your lashes and see if this helps.


Are you using waterproof mascara?  Sometimes if I use regular mascara then go out in the heat, it can migrate to both ends of my lashline and make a mess. I can usually tissue this off, but it is a nuisance. 


Liner-  Try using a shadow as liner rather than liner pencil, then setting the shadow line with something like Make Up For Ever Eye Seal when it's just right. Use a skinny liner brush (save the angled liner brush until you get better at it, I think a regular skinny brush is easier), wet this with water or contact lens solution to make it last longer. Prop your elbow on a steady surface like a counter top or the edge of your vanity. Draw line as little dashes as close to lashes as possible, then connect the dashes. If you make a mistake, take a pointy Q-tip with the tiniest amount of non-oily makeup remover and take the oops off. Once you have a line you like, brush on the sealer and let dry.


Hope this helps, I think if you play around with the liner, you should get better.


The answer below is nearly perfect, but one more thing to add about the mascara!


I have just recently tried mascara primer, the Tarte one to be exact. I found that before using this, my mascara (again, no matter which one I used) was prone to clumping and flaking. By simply applying the primer before hand, I have stopped this entirely - whether I am applying mascara for a natural look, or to go out at night. It's worth seeing if primer will help you out - maybe even pick up a sample!


Hopefully this has helped you out a little bit!

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I agree with prettyinpa! I've started to apply liner in the roots of my lashes as well as little dots/dashes and it's so much easier! It looks better too. You can do it like prettyinpa suggested or even with pencil, and you hard to mess up the line this way!
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