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I want to get the look in the picture below as it is the most beautiful makeup I have ever seen on a redhead! I have a peach eye-shadow about that shade but can't get it to look right! Tips or other makeup that will help achieve this look. swfupload_4680585706313851096.jpg

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Ok lesse....

She's got like, a light dusty ose lipstick on. Almost no blush, but it's a browny peach and it's not on the apples, it's just above the cheek bone. She has a brown peach super-blended at the outer creases, and it looks like there's a light dab of the pigment near the inner eye. Curled eyelashes with brown (not black) mascara. Brown tightlining on top, and half-lining on bottom.

I think what's so gorgeous about this look is:

1) Her eyeshadow is subtly applied and is the same colour as her hair.

2) Her lips echo her hair colour but in a pink tone (light dusty rose)

3) All brown eye treatment, rather than black.

But you're absolutely right. This is an amazing look for a redhead. When you look closely, you can tell that the make up artist really relied on her hair colour to build the colours for her look. What a great idea, to integrate the colour of her hair into the pigments used on her face.

Best of luck recreating! Let us know how it goes!

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It's actually more combination dry. My skin is dry and can be flaky so when I apply foundation it usually makes me look overly dry. However when I apply a dewy or moisturizing foundation I become an oil pit! I think I have skin that just likes to take the extremes and is easily affected by what I put on it. I tried Tarte Amazon Clay Foundation and it was chalky and emphasized dry areas. MUFE made me an oil pit, I applied primer and powder. I tried it several times just to end with the same reaction. I tried Josie Maran's Foundation but it was a tad dark and provided little coverage so it wasn't something I loved. It also made me oily just not as oily as the MUFE. I also tied the Tarte BB, it just didn't seem to do anything at all, no coverage, no color, just sun protection. Korres Mineral Foundation is what I currently use it starts out emphasizing flakes but by the end of the day it's all oily. I like this because it's easy to apply and It doesn't cause breakouts. Just recently I tried the PTR CC cream and was turned orange. I have no luck with BB type stuff at Sephora as they all are either tinted moisturizers or about 6 shades to dark. So far I've stuck to drugstore as Almay Clear Complexion has worked the best for me. I don't mind paying more for something that works extremely well but I haven't found anything. I know I'm a difficult case. 

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It seams that Tarte might have been too heavy on your skin, and the PTR CC oxidized. 


Try UD's Naked Skin foundation (it's oil free, but has a satin/matte finish, so it shouldn't add the sensation of oiliness to skin) or Smashbox's Liquid Halo HD Foundation (also oil free, but in a gel cream formulation that gives a soft finish to skin and has qualities to have skin look seamless).


Try to grab samples next time you pop into Sephora!

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I'll sample these as they have not been on my radar! Thanks!

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Yo I feel you man. My skin is like this too.

My solution has been to wear a tinted moisturizer (Nars) that makes my skin oilier than I would like it in spots, and I dust over it when I've applied everything with Laura Mercier setting powder, which mattifies. Occasionally, this becomes dewy over the day, as the oils below the matte shine through. And before it gets out of control, I oil blot. I find that diligent oil blotting once a day helps me prevent acne Smiley Happy

So I guess what I'm trying to say is I've never found the perfect tinted moisturizer/foundation, but I strike a compromise by using 2 products.

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This is gorgeous, btw. So simple and natural.

I agree with tashalicious, there are definitely 2 peaches here. Also looks like she uses a brown liner all the way on the top, but only halfway in on the bottom. Her lashes are definitely curled before mascara.

lylysa's recommendations for flawless skin are flawless. I think that's the real beauty in the picture. Looks like she contours her cheeks and nose slightly with either a dark peachy blush, or a very light, non-shimmery bronzer.

Thanks for sharing this pic!

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i also think she's wearing 2 shades of peach on her eyes, a lighter shade on the lid and a darker on the crease, i think i see a slight shimmery tone in the inner corners, it doesn't show much in the photograph but it's there

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The monochromatic make up look is quite simple, keep your routine basic and have the focus be more about your complexion. Ensuring your complexion is seamless and flawless will set the perfect canvas so your eyes, lips, and cheeks just meld with everything. Choose a soft finish foundation so skin doesn't look too dry or too made up, you want your skin to still look like skill (formulas like MUFE's HD foundation or Urban Decay's Naked Skin work well as they don't give off finishes that are too dewy or too matte). 


Depending on your skin tone, check out blushes from Tarte in either Tipsy (peach), Exposed (nude), Buff (shimmering nude), or Dazzled (soft, neutral rose). Use a stippling or fan brush to apply just a fine amount working on the cheekbones and sides of the face rather than the cheeks directly. This will help to emphasize less of the fullness of ones face and focus on more of the bone structure.


For eyes, work with the soft peach shadow you have but then take a fluffy shadow brush with longer bristles dipped in either translucent facial powder or a nude, matte toned shadow and dust over the peach so it's not too vibrant and the finish is much softer. Take a brown eye liner and just lightly fill in gaps between lashes on the top lid (cream, cake, or gel liners with a flat or angled brush work well for this) and bring it from the outer corner of the lower lash line to just about the middle. The goal is to get as tight and as thin of a line as possible, even softening it with a qtip or smudge brush. You want the line to be fine, but not necessarily a hard, very defined line, you goal is to have the face look very organic and real even though make up is clearly present. Top off with a defining/lengthening mascara (Urban Decay Lush Lash or Lorac's dual ended primer and mascara work well, both are clean formulas that don't clump up and get heavy, plus both are nourishing on lashes).


For lips, to keep things soft focused and dreamy like, take the lip color of choice and pat it on lips using your finger to apply and blend out. This gives a more "stained" look where lips are saturated with color itself rather than being coated fully with product. Choose a creamy lipstick (Lorac's Break Through Performance line, Laura Mercier, and MUFE's Rouge Artiste Natural line make great neutral shades). To find a good netural color for lips pucker and match to the color inside of lips rather than the color visible on the lips themselves. From there you can gauge how much "color" you want to have it match/add to the monochrome look. In other words if it's peach that you're working with, choose a neutral lip color matching yours but look for one with gingery tones.


If you're able to post a pic of what you look like up we can toss out specific products to help make the above look your own!

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Well this was informative thank you! It gave me some ideas about what I'm doing wrong. I'm still looking for the right foundation (MUFE made me an oily mess and I'm never and oily mess even though I set it with powder). I'm hoping that foundation matchy thingy might help me. I've had about six people tell me different tones, I swear I change in the light. I feel silly having trouble with this, it looks simple, I just can't do it the same. I have the Tarte blush in exposed but I'm not sure my Korres one is actually peachy. I'll probably also use the Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Pomegrante. I need liner though, all mine are pencil.

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If your skin happens to get more oily, ensure it's properly primed ( I gave a run through on multiple primers and treatments for oily skin).


If soft finish foundations like MUFE's HD left you too dewy, try a lighter weight mattifying foundation so you still get to tackle oil control but aren't going to be wearing a "mask".


Nars' Sheer Matte is a liquid that wears light on skin but helps mattify skin:



Becca's Ever-Matte foundation has buildable coverage, allowing you to gradual work on your look and if need be, add more to where is needed:



Give me a run through of your skin type and I can better help pin point some foundation options, also, let me know what you have/used and what you felt did or didn't work. Maybe altering technique on something you have can give you something to work with!


The key with monochromatic looks is ensuring whatever shade in the color you select compliments your own complexion. 


Unless you're as fair as the model in the pic, naming off colors that match her look won't always mean it'll be the best shades for you if your complexion isn't the same.


Pencil liners can work, be sure it's sharpened into a fine point and use short sketching lines to lightly skim along the lash line then use a smudge brush to go back and "connect" everything. You can always clean up the lines if they're too thick or too bold. If your pencil is creamy, take a liner brush and run it against the tip so you build up some product on a brush and apply it from there.

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