Help Me Spend My Gift Card! :)

My husband got me a gift card for my birthday (good man!) and I have no idea what to buy!  I am a Sephora junkie but am having a hard time deciding.  I am in the market for some new liquid foundation, but I also want to try something new and fun.  Any suggestions?  I have dry skin with some redness, a light/medium complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair. Thanks Sephora friends!

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Check out the AmorePacific CC compact... LOVE IT! 

I agree with the others, UD liners are fun, so are their shadow sticks. 

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i agree with redrose04, sampling a foundation before purchasing has been important for me.  Sometimes I think I will LOVE a foundation but for some reason it doesnt work for my skin, or the color isn't quite right. Where as there are times when I have gotten a sample of a foundation last minute by suggestion of an SA (i think i wont like it) but after trying it for a few days LOVE IT. :smileyhappy:

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I second the UD eyeliners! I just bought Delinquent, LSD, and Sabbath!

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If you want to try something new and fun, check out the urban decay 24/7 eyeliners. There are so many fabulous shades and types...its a makeup lover's dream!


if your looking for liquid foundation I would say go get sample first before you buy it. That's what I do get sample and if I like it I come back and buy it.


I have normal and sometimes dry in some parts. And I tried alot of foundations already.


hourglass make me look dry, mufe hd looks medium coverage but natural flawless, mufe velvet is good also, kat von d looks luminous and full coverage that reminds me of my skin when I was high school and college, no blemishes nothing just perfect clear skin that's the only time I saw my face like that again but with that foundation. Armani is light and feels like mufe hd.

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