Help! Chemicals to AVOID in my makeup?
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I'm seeing a lot about different chemicals to look out for when shopping for makeup and I'm a little worried. Aside from ingredients that I know will irritate my skin, is there anything I should definitely avoid in any future purchases?

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This is a controversial topic.  There are alot of chemicals or additives in makeup or beauty products that can irritate the skin.  Some would go as far to say they cause cancer name it, there is a blame for it.  Not that there isn't evidence to back up both sides, it is just what you feel comfortable with inside and outside.  


So, let's look at the outide part.  That is the most evident, because it is actually how your skin reacts.  Many natural products have herbal ingredients that are irritating for sensitive skin.  However, anti-aging or anti-acneic products contain salicylic acid or AHAs that are common irritants as well.  


Some say that you should avoid parabens (found in cancer cells throughout the body).  Many companies are catching on to the need for their removal from skin care lines.  Boscia, Korres, Tarte, and some individual products in certain lines offer many useful treatments or makeup paraben free.  Remember, parabens come in many forms.  Methylparabens is one of many, just focus on paraben as the suffix of the word. 


I hope this helps.  Such a hard topic!

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