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I have fair skin, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and i wear burgundy colored glasses. What would be the best color eye shadow and eye liner to wear?
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I have hazel eyes and light skin, and switch on and off from glasses to contacts.  Try using a soft gray or smokey plum colored eyeshadow. These bring out the colors of your eye and will still show up behind the lenses of your glasses. Don't forget to wear eyeliner though, that way your eyes will still stand out and won't hide behind the frames. Stick to dark browns, dark plums, or grays as they will enhance the colors of your eye without appearing too dark or too done up with the glasses. Warm earth tones and browns can be nice to use as well, anything with a slight hint of gold and/or copper can make a very pretty statement. Make sure your mascara is dry before putting on your glasses too or else you will end up with mascara all over the inside lenses. I hope this helps!


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