Great Homemade Brush Cleaner!

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There are many homemade brush cleaners out there, but here's my favorite recipe:


-Distilled water

-Rubbing Alcohol

-Organic Rose water

-Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil


This is great because The rose water calms, and soothes skin while the argan oil moisturizes it! This is good because rubbing alochol can be a bit drying and irritatin to skin especially if used consistently. Not only that, but these two ingredients will also keep your brush bristles clean and soft so your brushes will last longer! Who needs to spend money on brush cleaners when you can make your own just as good even better. 


Note: This doesn't only work great for actually containing it in a spray bottle to use before every makeup application, but great for cleansing your brushes once a week.


I would give measurements but it really depends on how big your bottle is. 

Enjoy (:



Re: Great Homemade Brush Cleaner!

Hi jellymonster, 


Thanks for the tip! I was just using my normal Philosophy shower gels to wash my brushes and the foundation brushes were nowhere where I wanted them to be or look! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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