Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

Aaaaaugh the new planner is SO BEAUTIFUL, with grey and pink lace accents how pretty is that???  Anyone else a fan of Trish's makeup organizing system?  I take it with me on all my trips, it's fantastic for having everything at your fingertips without needing to dump it all out on your hotel bathroom counter!



Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

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So I made a special trip to Nordstrom's just to see this in person today and the case is really so cute!  I love the pink satin interior.  The exterior was a bit weird though, as you could feel a rubbery layer under the gray lace.  Also it didn't feel as sturdy as my smaller planner.  I still want that case though!  If only it was sold separately from all that makeup I don't need!


anyways, I went ahead and snapped some photos of mine, which is a smaller size planner that I got several years ago!  I swap stuff in and out of there all the time, so it's definitely not limited to Trish stuff.  For a while this summer I had my NARS Voulez-Vous palette in there, but just recently switched it out.



I put a toothbrush in there for size reference.



What it looks like opened.  I have a little zip pouch for assorted small things that I also keep in the planner.


Everything in the left-hand compartment including stuff in the zip pouch.

Lancome Taupe Craze GWP palette, with GWP blush

Lorac Croc Palette

Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer

Body Shop peach eye shadow from years and years ago (still love it!)

Cargo shadow single in Yukon

Small pot of KVD liquid foundation

Clinique pencil sharpener

Trish McEvoy mini double-decker magnetic compact, inside I have mini pans of concealer (Benefit Booing), cream blush (Urban Decay Quickie), and a mini round pan of cake eyeliner (Yaby).



Everything in the right-hand side, my travel brushes, eyeliners, etc.

CARGO "magic brush" (SO good for buffing powder foundation)

Bare Minerals angled blush brush (not my fave, but at least it's travel size)

Shiseido concealer pencil

Anastasia deluxe brow gel

Trish McEvoy gel eyeliner in Deep Aubergine

Clinique brow pencil

Laura Mercier deluxe mascara

Anastasia spoolie/brush

Sephora travel eye brushes

Sephora lash comb


Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

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Wow I didn't realize the mini could hold so much! 

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

LOL it's the makeup version of the little clown car!  Yeah I spent a long time perfecting (obsessing over?) my travel kit and I still gloat over it every so often.  It's tons of fun collecting mini-size things!   

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

I have never used this brand, but I saw this in store and thought it was soo cool and pretty!


Admittedly, I like my xPalette more because I can pick out JUST what I want and put it in there (I'm picky and a nal).


but still this is pretty cool!

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

I've always wanted a trish case for traveling, like those long haul Europe excursions, to keep things simple... But I've tried some of her makeup & I wasn't too impressed. 

I do love this case though! If I was more adventurous in depotting, then I'd get this set LOL 

I'm a sucker for pink

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

Yeah same here, I tried for a while to get her makeup to work for me, but I just don't find it as high quality of many brands carried by Sephora.  I will say her gel eyeliners are to die for and I love her sheer lipsticks (but again, peppermint oil!).  But yeah the powder cosmetics for the most part are nothing to call home about.


But the planner, now that is just genius.  I keep looking for something better but this is hands-down the best travel makeup system I've ever found.  Later today I'll snap a photo of mine and what's in it (very little Trish stuff).

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

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please do! I love pictures Smiley Happy 

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

Wow! It looks so pretty, looks great for traveling. The only thing I would want to add is one eyeshadow with some color, maybe a plum?

I'm terrible when it comes to packing lightly since I like options. What if I really need that green eyeshadow or purple lipstick?

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

oh totally know what you mean about options!  I've found when travelling for work (which is 99% of my travel) it's easy because I just grab a neutral palette and a couple of my favorite work-appropriate lippies.  For vacation travel, wow, it's SO HARD to decide on a color scheme!  I've found the only good solution is to load up on GWP minis and supplement with a few favorite singles so you can take more colors with you but not take up too much space!

Re: Gorgeous new Trish McEvoy makeup planner!!!

That is nice even if it's not "my colors". Never heard of that brand before though.

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