Going to use my $20 coupon today!

I wanted this in the lounge but my app doesnt have that option....hmmm I wonder if theyll ever fix that.  I cant post in the VIB board either but I can visit them.


I plan on going to use my coupon/gift card for some concealer and a new perfume,  Anybody else use thiers already or plan to?  What did you or will you get?  Even though I did quite a bit of shopping during the sale and then blk friday, I seem to not be able to let this go to waste...Im sure you guys feel the same, no?

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Use mine today, on a present for someone.  It is the season of giving afterall, and I've already spent way too much on myself, lol.  Hope everyone gets some good stuff.  I'm sad I missed out on the Black Friday sales, but was abroad during. :-(

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