Going to use my $20 coupon today!

I wanted this in the lounge but my app doesnt have that option....hmmm I wonder if theyll ever fix that.  I cant post in the VIB board either but I can visit them.


I plan on going to use my coupon/gift card for some concealer and a new perfume,  Anybody else use thiers already or plan to?  What did you or will you get?  Even though I did quite a bit of shopping during the sale and then blk friday, I seem to not be able to let this go to waste...Im sure you guys feel the same, no?

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I’ve been bad as well! I think I’ve made an excuse to place an online order every time I’ve received a promo email this season. BAD! I didn’t spend on anything but a few of the 10 for 10 items on black Friday…some restraint at last J, but I’m glad I held back to get this coupon. Let’s not forget to mention the Friends and Family deal a few weeks ago. I just wanted to give credit to Sephora for the 10 for 10 this year. It was so much better than last year that I didn’t miss not getting a percentage discount. I grabbed doubles of some of my favorites! I think I will get a few skincare items for some ladies on my Christmas List, and maybe another BITE Sheer Lip Balm? Any ideas?


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