Going to use my $20 coupon today!

I wanted this in the lounge but my app doesnt have that option....hmmm I wonder if theyll ever fix that.  I cant post in the VIB board either but I can visit them.


I plan on going to use my coupon/gift card for some concealer and a new perfume,  Anybody else use thiers already or plan to?  What did you or will you get?  Even though I did quite a bit of shopping during the sale and then blk friday, I seem to not be able to let this go to waste...Im sure you guys feel the same, no?

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I’ve been bad as well! I think I’ve made an excuse to place an online order every time I’ve received a promo email this season. BAD! I didn’t spend on anything but a few of the 10 for 10 items on black Friday…some restraint at last J, but I’m glad I held back to get this coupon. Let’s not forget to mention the Friends and Family deal a few weeks ago. I just wanted to give credit to Sephora for the 10 for 10 this year. It was so much better than last year that I didn’t miss not getting a percentage discount. I grabbed doubles of some of my favorites! I think I will get a few skincare items for some ladies on my Christmas List, and maybe another BITE Sheer Lip Balm? Any ideas?



I wasn't going to use mine originally but my boyfriend decided he wanted something on the site and he saw that I was looking at an Origins set he told me he'd get that for to make the total over $50. Smiley Happy I didn't really want to let it go to waste but I've been running a little low on money due to buying Christmas gifts.


I went and spent mine already!  I got the Josie Maran Bear Naked Duo, Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Spray, Sephora Nail Bling Polish thingys, and the Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool.  All things I've never purchased before (well except the nail polish strips) and I'm excited to try them.  Especially the Lash Liner - I'm going to be the only stay-at-home mom rockin' a cat eye (if I can figure out how to do it that is.  I'm optimistic though.)


Use mine today, on a present for someone.  It is the season of giving afterall, and I've already spent way too much on myself, lol.  Hope everyone gets some good stuff.  I'm sad I missed out on the Black Friday sales, but was abroad during. :-(


Well I've completely ran out of stuff to buy for me, have 2-3 of everything (new) after the recent promo surge. Fortunately my ma needs some anti-aging stuff, so I'm debating between buying L'occitane Night Creme (not available online so I gotta drive 30min to store, but can be brought when L'occitane stores have GWP promos) or Murad Resurgence Serum (only good value here with the promo, but might be too thin in the winter, but she have oily skin).


Thank you Sephora! For having the $20 as an giftcard instead of another promo code.


I have been incredibly naughty at Sephora this fall!  First the 20% off VIB sale at the beginning of November, I spent more in one outing than I ever have!  Then Black Friday sale, and now this.  I'm still debating whether to get the Givenchy Prisme Mono Eyeshadow or something else.  I wish that UD would come out with the NAKED Basics so I could get that if it looks interesting, but that's probably not going to happen.


Have fun shopping!

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