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So I going on vacation to Disney World in two weeks and wanted to know if anyone has suggestions on how to best pack my makeup (I've never done it)? Any tips on where to go to get empty containers? ETC ETC ETC

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Well, I'd say your train case is probably overkill! Are you driving?  Remember the amount of liquid you can take on a plane is small and most airlines charge for a second bag, some even for the first.  You may want to shop and bring things home, too.  Take a reasonable palette, only a few lip choices, one blush and bronzer if you can live with that, one type of foundation/BB cream, hair care/skin care in travel size bottles, etc.  Pack things in containers that are flexible because you'll get them into a suitcase more easily -- that train case is going to take up major luggage space.


Enjoy your trips!

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We're driving up there. From Chicago to Florida. What a road trip!

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Well then, take it all. lol. Just keep it out of the sun. 


As above, I do suggest you take a minimal amount of things to a park, wear waterproof mascara if you will even be looking at water, wear water shoes as appropriate, and keep drinking water and applying sunscreen properly. 

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this is bananachoo we're talking about .... she's gonna need at least 10 blushes.... Smiley Very Happy

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LOL for 3 weeks? I'm thinking about at least 2! If I could I'll sneak one more in. Girl can't just use one blush for 21 days now.

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I'm going to Florida at the end of June! We're going to Disney World too! We're going to be gone for almost 3 weeks, so I'm planning to pack my train case. Is that a lot? lol I'm planning to bring skincare, makeup, and hair care in these. I like to depot certain things that I won't be needing to carry the full size into small sample containers I kept from Sephora/Mac. I tend to depot things like eyeshadow and blushes into palettes. 

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I travel a lot for work so I've obsessed for years over the most efficient way to pack my cosmetics! Smiley Very Happy  The Container Store has a ton of great options for small jars, bottles, and spray pens.  Also whenever I get small eye cream jars or whatever from GWP, I always save those and wash them for re-use.  Clinique or Nordstrom have little 5gram jars for foundation samples that are really handy for multiple uses.


Over the years the containers I choose have gotten smaller and smaller, because I realized that most of the time I was bringing too much stuff with me.  For example, 1oz of sunscreen is way more than I'd ever need for a week-long trip. 


For makeup, I tend to either bring really tiny eye palettes (I have so many of the Lancome GWP mini-palettes now) or maybe just one large one that can take me from day to night.  To me that's the hardest part...picking the colors that will cover all situations that I might hit during vacation.  Night out?  Dancing?  Day at the beach?  So hard to decide!

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The Sephora travel airless containers seem great, but they are HUGE compared to the amount that they hold, so be aware of that.  This set might have more smaller containers, but I picked up the larger set last year only to return it because it was going to take up tons of room in my suitcase.


I'd look at places like CVS, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond (some stores) or the Container Store for travel containers.  The Container Store has great leakproof containers, although they won't have flip tops for things.  CVS sells a set of little pots in different sizes that I really found useful.


I assume you're only going for a week or so.  Your liquid products should keep fine in most containers for that time period.


Definitely take sunscreen with you.  If you're lucky enough to find the sun safety kit, pick it up.  The Clarins sunscreen in it will be fine under your makeup without adding lots of moisturizer.  (I got the tinted version and just wore that instead of foundation.)  Your BB Cream probably has some sunscreen in it, as well, so you could consider a powder with SPF that you could reapply.


If you're in the parks all day, you won't be in the sun all day.  You'll be in and out of buildings.  There are people selling water everywhere -- buy it and drink that or Poweraid instead of water.  They also sell sunscreen all over the place, so if you forget yours, make sure you buy some and wear it anywhere that is exposed. 


If you're going to be in the pools or at a water park, skip the makeup, get waterproof sunscreen and reapply.  You get so busy having fun that it's easy to forget to put more on.  Consider getting water shoes.  They're not that expensive (Sports Authority sells some decent ones) and they're great for going to the pool and the water parks.  You have to hold them on the slides, but they are the best for walking around on the hot pavement.


Oh, you might also want some blotting paper if you tend to be oily/sweat much.  A small pack slips in your bag easily.  Carry as little as you can to the parks because you'll lug it around and need to fit it in small pockets on the rides.  If you're going to dinner right from a park, a pack of makeup remove towels or hand wipes are great to stick in your bag.  By that point you won't care if you're wearing makeup, you'll just want something to make you feel less sticky!  If you really want to reapply something, get a small duo in a color you like; even better if it has a small blush/bronzer.


Oh, check out waterproof makeup.  Trust me, if you go on Splash Mountain, believe the signs.  You will get wet.  You won't believe how bad some women's mascara looks after that.  I was so glad I was wearing Lights, Camera, Splashes myself!  Maybe check out getting a small pot of one of the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows, too.  Nice and waterproof, some neutral colors, stays on and won't break the bank.  I know it's what I'll wear next time I go on water rides.


I've been a Disney Vacation Club member for about 10 years now, maybe a bit more.  Feel free to send a message if you have other questions.

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Looking at your routine - for some reason I can't reply to that particular post - it looks like you shouldn't have much of a problem packing.  When I went to Disney in December I wore BB cream, which is great for quick coverage as well as providing SPF protection.  I just brought my whole tube.


Are your eyeliner and mascara waterproof?  The River Rapids ride in Animal Kindom will get you soaked, and there are a few other rides that can get you wet.


I'd also recommend a hat to help keep the sun off your face as well as something to protect your lips.  I used the Fresh lip treatment throughout the day.

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I miss Disney World! That was probably the best vacation I ever ever had! Get there before the park opens, the tickets are so expensive and the parks are so massive that it will take you ALL day to see everything you need to see and yes, the lines will be LONG. But soooo worth it! Smiley Very Happy


Wear sunblock and reapply! Target has those travel sized minis and empty containers for traveling. Have fun!

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I would definately wear tons and tons of sunblock, and don't forget to spray the top of your head - esp if you have a part in your hair.

I personally take the majority of my make up in either my purse or my carry on - esp my higher end and/or breakable (glass/compacts) products.  I personally just take two foundations (or a  ittle more if you have travel or sample sizes) which is mineral make up for day time wear - my daily choice is BareMinerals, and I liquid one for later in the day - like for dinner or a night out.

For other products - I hit up the travel sections in pharmacies, and take advantage of the samples I have received from Sephora/birchbox/ipsy.

If you have larger pieces you would like to pack, you can look up info on youtube... there are tons of tutorials on how MA's pack.

Have a great trip :-D

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I loved Disney!  I went there with my in-laws back in 2010; however, we went in October. 


Be sure to pack sunscreen, which will be the most important thing you can pack.  Because of the humidity, I would also take a waterproof primer like the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer; you can purchase a travel size for $18.00.  


Hourglass Primer.jpg

Given airline regulations, I would look for travel-sized and TSA-approved containers.  You can purchase these at any CVS Pharmacy, Sephora or MAC store for very little cost.  Sephora has a really great Carry-on Airless Travel Set for $28.  


Sephora Travel Set.jpg

I would also look at getting travel-sized sets which Sephora sells, such as the Buxom Passport Collection, which contains everything you will need to create a gorgeous face at a moment's notice.

  Buxom Collection.jpg

Make Up Forever also has some really great waterproof shadows and eyeliners.  Some skincare lines such as Clinique and Caudalie also sell travel-sized versions of their cleansing products.


Oh, and be sure to drink plenty of water while you're there to stay hydrated; it gets really hot!  Have fun!


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You are amazing!!! Thank you for all this I will be doing some shoppinggg today which who doesnt love an excuse to do =)! When I went two years ago I didnt wear any makeup so I loaded my face and entire body with sunblock now that I wear makeup should I not do that?


My Makeup Routine


-Boscia BB Cream

-Mac Setting Powder

-Lorac Eyeshadow Primer

-Naked Basics Palette

-Sephora Liquid Eyeliner

-Mascara (Bad Gal Lashes)

-Nars Orgasm Blush

-Mac Fix Plus


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