Getting my makeup done for homecoming.

I just became a VIB and got a card for a free makeover. I was planning on using it for homecoming. I have never gotten my makeup done before and I'm kind of nervous. When should I make the appointment? Do they do your whole face with the free card? Do you get lashes with the free card or do I have to buy them separately? I'm just really new to this experience and would like some help and advice. Thank you!

Re: Getting my makeup done for homecoming.

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Hi Alyssaclara19!


I recommend making your appointment a week or two ahead of time- That way you are secure in knowing you have an appointment and have some time to think/plan on the look you want. You can do the appointment a week before hand also but it's up to you, I like to plan early!


They will do your whole face and usually will include skincare as well to keep your makeup staying. Let them know when you make the appointment that it IS for your homecoming dance so they choose some long wear products to help stay for the night. You CAN have lashes put on with them but I'd recommend either bring a pair you want to wear or be ready to purchase a pair- check out our Sephora Collection ones which are only about $10 and are SO nice, I wear a pair at least once a week. Smiley Happy And don't be afraid to speak up and say what you DO or DON'T like or want! They won't know unless you tell them so go for it  but trust them- they know what they're doing and DO need to go through extensive training before they are given chair time! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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