Foundation with a Foundation stick???

Hey There,

 So I have FINALLY made up my mind on which foundation I am going to get. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in the shade BR10. It ifeels amazing on my skin. As if Im not wearing anything at all. Problem is since it is a somewhat light coverage I was wondering

if I could possilbly buy a Foundation Stick to cover the areas on my face such as pimples an blemishes etc OR should I just buy a concealer? Im lost on this the way my skin type is oily an it is sensitive. I am prone to acne all over not just in certain areas even though right now it seems im breaking out on my cheeks an chin. Its crazy. If someone could help me out an possibly tell the shade I should get also. THANKS Smiley Happy

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hi, littlemiss89!


i think a concealer like murad's would be good for your skin. it comes in a stick and 3 shades, light, medium or dark. so you could apply it and then blend really well with a concealer brush. really well because i've read that your foundation is almost like water. another liquid concealer is by cover FX, which is good, too. and you can't go wrong finding your shade! hope this helps!

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