Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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There was someone who was going to do a foils/small sample TSB. I do not believe that person is still going to do it. If they are, I apologize and will not do one. I have been in two boxes and loved it but I have never started one. If anyone is still interested, I am willing to try to start  one. We can use the same rules from the other TSB. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Also we need to decide if we want to do this with a small flat rate box (I believe shipping is around $6.00) or a medium flat rate box (I believe shipping is around 13.00). If you are going to participate, please be prepared for the shipping costs! This box is open for US shipping only. Shipping becomes more expensive for Canada.


Once we decide if we want to do a small or medium box I will post pics of what I will start the box out with. If at that time someone decides they don't like what I am starting the box out with just let me know. I want this to be fun for all.


Once I get the box back I will go through it & give the leftover items to the local youth group who works with the homeless shelters in Fredericksburg VA.

Missey_1973 sent 03/06/2014 TN 9114901123086242265556

1) Annec322 Box Received; Box Shipped 03/10/14

2) MlleCC Box Received; Box Shipped 03/13/14

3) Knuevekm Box Received; Box Shipped 03/19/14

4) Kariyava Box Received; Box Shipped 03/22/14

5) Straightrhodes Box Received; Box Shipped 04/02/14

6) MrsBaine Box Received; Box Shipped 04/04/14

7) Plantgarden Box Received; Box Shipped 04/09/2014

8) Jenjendoitagain

9) Earpoker Box Received; Box Shipped 04/15/2014

10)Dollface Box Received; Box Shipped 04/22/2014

11) Chelsd Box Received; Box Shipped 04/26/2014

12) Onceuponatime45 Box Received; Box Shipped

13) Almostyou (in for JenJendoitagain) Box Received; Box Shipped 5/23/14

14) Bellarob Box Received; Box Shipped 5/28/14


Back to Missey_1973 Box Received

Rules are listed in the Spoiler


Rules (copied from other TSB so thank you to those who posted these):

*Samples from High-End products and items you got from subscription boxes are okay

*All foils should be new/un-opened If there are samples or items that you are including that are not foils and not new, (lightly used/swatched items) please indicate and sanitize the item properly

*send your address to the person above you when the list comes out and pm them again shortly before you get the box

*post in a picture and/or text of what you took and left (picture AND written description)

have fun

*try some things you haven't tried before

*When taking foils, you may take more than one of an items. Foils are small and it may take more than one to really get to try the product. Just be mindful of others after you.

*If you take a deluxe sample (non-foil) please replace with another deluxe-sample. We want to keep the box fun for the person after you

Not Allowed:

*Pre-made samples

Taking more than you put in. Replace what you took with something as nice or nicer

*Heavily used items

*Swatching items in the box

*Keeping the box for more than 3 days. (USPS does home pickup, so no EXCUSES! ) If you are traveling or something comes up, please let us know so we can move you on the list. (ALSO YOU MUST INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER it makes it more fun anticipating your turn

*NO DRUGSTORE ITEMS- unless you have someone after you that wants them

*No reserve (you may ask for people to TRY to include items. If it gets to you terriffic. If not, that's ok too)


If you think there is a need for more rules, please let me know.



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Hi Ladies just wanted to let you all know that I had planned on dropping our donation off at the shelter tomorrow but when I just went on the web site to get the address I noticed the office is not open on weekends. They are open Monday-Friday from 9-5.  I live and work an hour from the shelter and I also work Monday through Friday. However,  I will give them a call first thing Monday and make arrangements to try and get there one day next week. I know I cannot post a link but their web site is rcdv . com just incase anyone was interested. I know there have been issues with boxes going missing lately so I just want to keep you all posted on this one.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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Looks like a success!  Thanks so much missey1973 for your work.  It was so great to see new homes for some of the items and to get to try new things! 

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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Hi ladies, I just wanted to let you all know that I will not be able to make individual goodie bags for the ladies. The shelter prefers one bag so that they can distribute. But.... there is more than one way to get things done.....I have about 5 of the Sephora totes that they gave out last fall. (Yes I have a shopping issue) and quite a few make up bags that have come with GWP's that I will donate. Now the workers at the shelter can make up the bags for the ladies.


Also, around Labor day I plan to start another Foils/Sample TSB.  I have racked up so many GWP things and foils that it is crazy. I even have one of the meteorites pearls sample to add.  The summer is hard to do anything because the items melt. I really did enjoyed this box.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

image.jpgwould like to do another box with everyone. It was great fun. Thank you Missie

meant to post this last week Smiley Happy

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

Missey thank you for letting me be part of the box. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather but I'm also glad that he is doing well. If you girls are part of another box, keep me posted Smiley Happy

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

foil tsb.jpgSorry about the picture. I fought and fought with taking this pic and the best I could do was import one to paint and crop it. I tried about 10 different ways to take this picture. I even broke it up into multiple pics. Anyway, all your ladies should be so proud! I really love the men's bag. I guess I never though about how some of the woman at the shelter would have teenage boys with them. I will keep you all posted when I take these things to the shelter.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

This seems like a really successful box! The girls at the shelter will love the products! Awesome effort, everyone!

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

ipod photos 017.JPG

I have gone through the box and there are so many wonderful things in there! I am kinda a sentimental person so, I decided the best way for me to choose was to pick an item from each of you.


Also, I am trying to post a pick of the finished box but my pic size is over to 2 meg so I will go try again.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

goodie bags is a great idea! i was worried that something might break or explode glad everything got there safely. My daughter and I are big kitty lovers Smiley Happy  

sending good thoughts and prayers for your grandfather.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

WOW Ladies!!! I got the box today and could not believe how stuffed it was. I love the kitty cat stickers!! This box  was more stuffed then me trying to squeeze in the jeans I wore back in high school HAHA. You all were so generous. I plan to post pics tomorrow of the completed box and the items that I will let live here with me. My grandfather had brain surgery Tuesday (he is doing really well) and they are planning to release him from the hospital this weekend so I will be really busy this weekend with him. I live an hour from the shelter so I will get the items to them either the weekend of June 3rd or 10th.This will still get them to the ladies before the local high school  graduations take place. So I have one question. I was thinking of dividing up the items in little goodie bags for the shelter so they could just pass out the bags to the ladies. Does anyone know if  they take them that way or would they rather I just donate all  the items in one bag and let them divide them up however they choose?

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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Opps ladies I meant the weekend of the 7th or 14th. I was looking at a May calendar when I posted instead of June.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

Goodie bags sound great!

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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Tracking number is 9407803699300008575324  Smiley Happy will drop off this morning

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

box 2.jpgPic of the box. soon headed for its final homeSmiley Happy

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

make up 1.jpgTaking

2 Ulta lip glosses, Sephora Mascara, too face beauty balm,Nars Blush


4 Ole Henrickson, 3 Origin, living proof, dior, Dr Weil, Peter Roth, L'Occitane


Hope this looks good to everyone. Will post tracking shortly.




Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

mk 3.jpgGiving

Deluxe  2 Julep polish, julep eye pencil, 2 OPI polish, 1 clinque polish

Lancome bronzer, Arcona mask,Benefit lolli tint,Laura Mercier Blush,Tarte powder

Nars lip gloss,Sephora eye lashes, Benefit High Beam


21 Drops,Make up forever,3 arcona, Murad,Urban Decay,Sephora body butter,YSL,Lancome,

Urban Decay primer, Becca, Lab Series, Skin perfection, Benefit primer, Dior, Chanel, Nars, Smashbox


Versace, Jimmy Choo, Boyfriend, Donna Karan, Juicy, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Ms.Dior

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

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That's great! There's going to be some happy ladies when you donate the box. 

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

Hi ladies, just as a heads up, I noticed on another post that when their box was dropped off at a shelter they had to fill out a value form for a tax write off. If I am required to do that, I am only going to value the box at one dollar. None of us ladies did this for a tax write-off. We did this because we love makeup. This is a great way to swap out things that don't work for us and try new things. We are also doing a good deed for a homeless shelter in the process. I would not be comfortable using our box (because it really is a gift of love from all of us) as a personal tax write off. Please let me know if anyone has any issues with this so that we can work it out as a group.

Re: Foils/Small Sample Traveling Box

I think that's perfect. Thank you for running such a smooth and fun box!

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