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I was just wondering,

What is the best beauty tip you've ever received? Just something weird, basic, or unique - I want to hear other peoples'! For me, it would have to be less is more.

how bout you guys?

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To use a good foundation primer. I was battling migrating and disappearing makeup for a long time, now when I use a primer, makeup stays on all day.

Mine would be to make sure to wash ur face at night and also, don't over pluck! That's one of my biggest issues.

To brush my hair with a wide tooth comb. It makes ALL the difference for my hair.


Excellent topic, Lizzytotoro!


The best beauty advice I've ever received is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet.  This isn't even about maintaining my weight or losing a few pounds to fit into a gown or bathing suit.


Eating healthy isn't a diet fad; it's a lifestyle.  I find that as I get older, what I put into my body determines how healthy my skin looks, as well as my hair.  Even though my skin is oily and prone to hormonal breakouts, it's still clear, unlined, unwrinkled and positively glows.  As a result, my makeup merely enhances what I already have.  I also still have a thick, full, healthy mane that I can style without breakage (thanks to regular trims and brushing every night).



I've always had kinda thick eyebrows. I've gotten into a good routine for grooming them but if I don't have eyebrow gel on hand, I dab a little bit of lip gloss on my fingertips to smooth them down. Works like a charm! Weird but sometimes, we have to improvise.


Hi lizzytotoro,


I love this post, its so fun!


My favorite tip is one that I share with all my clients.... "It's makeup, it washes off!"


I find some individuals are too afraid or hestiate to try new colors, textures, etc. The beauty of makeup is that you can use it to enhance or transform but you won't know what works until you try it! And if a new color or technique doesn't come out quite like you thought it would, you can wash it off and start over!




<3 Julianna



ALWAYS wash skin at night before bed

NEVER pick (well...try your best not to!)

Be gentle on skin (no super rough scrubbing or rubbing!)

Less is more!




A beauty tip that has stayed with me for a while is taking a little bit of vaseline, adding a small amount of sugar and using this to exfoliate my lips to prevent flakyness and that chapped lip look! Works wonders for me! Oh yeah and if you ever run out of eyeshadow makeup remover dab a bit of vaseline on the eye lid, swipe it off with a cotton pad, and it takes off makeup instantly! Smiley Happy



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 I love to make Green tea ice cubes to combat dark circles. It really does work, just a little bit of a pain. It sounds bizarre, but it works fantastic. Every beauty obsessed person should take advantage and learn lymphatic massage. It will change you. Olive Oil is probably the best (beauty tip) I've ever received. I faithfully use Extra virgin olive oil on my skin..including my face. It doesn't break me out and helps keep my complexion glowing. I also use it after taking showers as a bath oil because I can't stand the feeling of body lotion; and, I'm sure that when I forget to put sunscreen on my legs and I still go outside in shorts the fact that it's loaded with antioxidants is probably a perk. The best thing about Olive Oil is not only is it loaded with antioxidants that repair your skin; it's cheap, safe, trustworthy, and my favorite perk of all QUICK. And you know when you put it on that's all your putting on, versus fancy lotions with 50 ingredients you've never heard of. I just slather it all over myself like I'm a pasta salad and go to sleep. I'm hoping my skin will thank me throughout the years. 

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