Favorite Benefit Products?

Just curious! 


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

POSIETINT!!!!!!!! the best blush/hot pink lip color. it shows as either a medium pink if i aply a little on my lips, or a full blown hot pink when i apply more ( keep in mind my natural lip color is a dark pink ) plus it's the best blush for pale girls like myslef :smileyhappy:


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

ooh love their glosses and blushes, and another fan of watts up!



Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

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Watts up!!!




Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

What is the best way to apply watts up highlighter? Because everytime I use my hands i feel like it rubs off my powder:/


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

Boi-ing concealer is my HG. It's flawless on me- and could almost double as foundation if I really wanted to.


I've tried Bad Girl Lash- I remember it being ok, but I didn't repurchase.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

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Oh wow. Benefit is my number 1 makeup brand :smileyvery-happy: Lets see.....


1. dallas bronzer

2. some kinda gorgeous foundation

3. fake up concealer

4. booing concealer

5. erase paste concealer

6. coralista blush

7. sugarbomb blush

8. dandelion blush

9. creaseless cream shadows--rsvp and birthday suit

10. girl meets pearl highlighter


I've tried a lot more, but these are items I bought more than once, except for the newer fake up concealer that I got recently :smileyvery-happy:


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I just picked up the Befenit 500 point perk and am excited to try all the products. Have never tried the line before.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I haven't tried a lot of Benefits products, but what I have tried I do like. My favorite is BADgal lash mascara! I love this stuff.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I've only tried a small handful of Benefit products, but I need to try more!  The first Benefit product I tried and still use is Benefit Dandelion boxed powder.  It's such a natural shade, and it is my go to product if I don't know what blush I want to wear.  I also like their Bad Gal mascara.


I recently bought the Fake Up Concealer, and I believe it is my high end Holy Grail concealer!  I've also tried their creaseless cream shadows, and now I don't know why I didn't try them sooner!


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I love Benefit! Cute packaging and great products. I love their box of powders! Of course their Porefessional Primer.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I love all their blushes and some of their eyeshadows. 


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I really like Girl Meets Pearl highlighter, They Real! mascara & Hervana boxed powder.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

1. Their cream eyeshadows. I use "Birthday Suit" almost every day. It's so subtle and natural looking that makes my eyes pop. They stay put all day and never smudge or flake.


2. I just bought this, but Fake Up is my new favorite concealer. I have horrendous dark circles but every concealer I've tried makes my undereye area look like alligator skin, and I'm only 23! Fake Up is the only one that doesn't do that. It's definitely not full coverage, but this morning I used it as a primer/base for a full coverage concealer and it worked fabulously. I'm in love with it.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

Benefit is one of my favorite bands due to their high quality and gorgeously packaged products! Recently I've fallen in love with their Ultra Plush glosses - although sheer, they smell divine and feel amazing. I also am a huge fan of They're Real Mascara and two of my close friends hold Bad Gal Lash as their holy grail. A holy grail for me is Benefit's Posietint lip and cheek tint. It's a gorgeous natural pink that really brightens me up when I look like a zombie in the morning! I've only tried 1 boxed powder - Hoola, which is great for a matte contouring bronzer, but I am desperate to try more. I also want to try their Creaseless Creamshadows but have not quite gotten around to it. Lastly, Benefit's High Beam highlighter is gorgeous!


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

My favorites are all the boxed powders, especially Sugar Bomb and Hervana!


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

In looove with Girl Meets Pearl and the Porefessional! One gives the prettiest shimmer, and the other makes my pores completely invisible! I also use Boi-ing concealer, as well as their lipstick (which was discontinued). Recently I was given samples of Benetint in Rose color, Posietint, and "That Gal" face primer, but I have yet to try those. 


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

My favorite favorite from Benefit is the Watt's Up highlighter. It's perfect for a natural highlight during the day and is so easy to apply. Other faves include the hoola bronzer, they're real mascara, and porefessional primer. I'm thinking of picking up Dallas soon.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I love Benefit! The packaging and fun product names definitely add to the brand's appeal. I love Bella Bamba and Hoola (and I'm sure I would like other boxed powders if I had a chance to try them!), and the Porefessional is also pretty awesome. There really haven't been many benefit products that I've tried that I've disliked!


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

I'm obsessed with Benefit! My top two favorites are probably Dandelion and their Creaseless Cream shadows. I also love their Oxygen Wow Foundation, 10 (bronzer/highlighter), Bella Bamba and Ultra Shines Lipglosses. Their velvet eyeshadows were also amazing, but sadly they were discontinued and replaced with sub-par (IMO) eyeshadows.


Re: Favorite Benefit Products?

Dandelion cheek color!

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