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Just out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite makeup brand or brands? Whether it/they are sold in sephora or not, I'm interested to know what you guys love the most and what brand you always end up purchasing something from. Mine would have to be Urban Decay, Lorac & Sephora brand Smiley Happy

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Tarte is my number one, with Bare Minerals as a close second. I love natural products!

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MUFE: concealer

Clinique: foundation, moisturizer, pencil eyeliner

Sephora brand: eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, blush

CoverGirl: mascara

L'Oreal: blush

Too Faced: primer



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Tarte, MAC, ELF, Loreal, Nars, and Benefit... I love them all!!!

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Burberry and chanel. From sephora, I like nars, hourglass and guerlain. The brand that wowed me recently is Illamasqua...the blushes are nicely pigmented. Looking forward to checking out more of their products.


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I've been really loving Korres recently. Their products are so gentle and natural; my sensitive skin loves them! I use both their skincare and makeup products and am highly impressed with them. I just recently bought the milk cleanser and the yogurt moisturizer and I'm trying to tell myself to be patient and finish up my current cleanser and moisturizer but I really want to try them, lol.


My other default brands:


Kat Von D: my local store finally got the lightest shade of her foundation back in stock! I also bought her new eyeshadow trio in green and it's beautiful. Gonna try out some of her lipsticks next.

Urban Decay: I haven't found anything that beats their liquid eyeliners yet! I'm also job hunting right now and going to a lot of interviews and the Naked palette has served me well in this area.

Nars: love their lip glosses. Not sticky, beautiful colors, long lasting. I also have a couple of the matte lip pencils and love them too.

Tarte: I don't have a lot of Tarte products, but I just love how the brand is so committed to being cruelty-free and eco-friendly. I bought one of their blushes recently and I adore it.

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Wow I feel like a cheapazoid, but hey if they work great and you love them then who cares Smiley Happy. My favorite brands are: Essence, Elf, Stila, & Wet N Wild. I've got to say that Essence is probably my favorite. I love all their products, inexpensive but really high quality. I also love the fact that each month they come out with with a new little makeup "line" with different products and then it changes the next month. Anyways....................great question, love seeing what other people like.

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ELF is great!  I wished they had a larger selection though and Wet N Wild has come a long way from the days I was a teen.  Their products are a lot better now.

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100% Pure


Zuzu Luxe (pressed eyeshadow)

Alima Pure (Foundation)


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For me it depends on the products!


MAC: lipsticks, eyeshadows, &  brushes

NARS:  Blushes/Bronzer, eyeshadow

MUFE: foundations

Korress: Skincare


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MAC-not at Sephora




I think that is about it!Smiley Happy

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I always use Clinique foundation, powder, eyeliner, and cream blush.  (Gosh, I think I'm in a rut!!)  For eyeshadow, I like Smashbox PhotoOp.  I also love, love, love Smashbox Photo Finish primer- can't live without it!!

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High End: Tarte, Kat von D, and Laura Mercier

Drugstore: Revlon, Maybelline


My favorite tinted moisturizer that pretty much changed my life came from Laura Mercier. It actually has coverage unlike a lot of tinted moisturizers.


I really love Revlon's lip balm pencils. Such fabulous color and texture. They stain your lips too so the color lasts forever. 

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Depends on the product, so hard to choose!


Tarte: Still trying to find the perfect match, testing out Amazonian Clay right now. 


MAC: Blush, Highlight, Lipstick (Foundation does horrible things to my skin)


Inglot: Eyeshadows & Foundation, I'm sure the other products are great too, just haven't tried them yet. If you haven't you're missing out. I think they are MAC quality but half the price, was preasantly surprised! Being that they're in Macy's here I assumed it was expensive, but when I actually stopped, single shadows are $6 and foundation $15, also it didn't break me out, which is a ++++ for my acne prone skin!


Urban Decay: Eyeshadow


NYX: Loose Shadow/Pigments (Only $3!), Matte LIpstick


Milani: Baked Blushes (wish they had more colors)


Sephora Brand: Disney Princesses!!! 

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Benefit, Urban Decay, Clinique, Lorac, Nars, Hourglass.... I could go on and on! Smiley Happy

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Okay I really thought this through and tried to pick just 3:


Lancome, Chanel and a toss between Laura Mercier and Too Faced. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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Typically I really like Omorovicza, Guerlain, Tarte, and Fresh.  If you were to go through my cosmetics, these have a noticeable majority above everything else, although Dior is a close follow up.

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NARS, Tarte, bareMinerals, UD and Korres Smiley Happy

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For days I want to be a bit more badass, Kat Von D. Love her pigment, packaging, stay on power, everything Smiley Very Happy I use her eyeshadow palette, lipstick and I was hoping to use her foundation but it was sold out for a while now... Love her for her eyeliner too, it's pretty awesome!


For my girly days I go for Tarte in terms of cheeks, lipglosses and light finishing powders and concealers. Their packaging is cute (I'm a sucker for cute marketing) and their colors are brighter although not as pigmented. 


For my traveling days I bring Hello Kitty with me Smiley Very Happy cute, travel friendly and all in one (my Parisienne palette has eyeshadow, cheeks and if I want to, eyebrows in one go) , its convenient for me. And my boyfriend says its cute, which makes me laugh. Not very pigmented, but its fun and I like the brushes (I also liked Tokidoki stuff, but its not in stores anymore...)

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I love:

Make Up For Ever (face and lip products),

Tarte (face and eye products), 

Urban Decay (eye products),

Buxom (lip products), and

Stila (eye products).

Smiley Happy


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I have everything from NARS, so they're my number 1 favorite! but for lipsticks i mostly have MAC, and i love UD eyeshadows! Smiley Happy


And i'm recently getting into Benefit though! theyre so cute and girly!

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