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Just out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite makeup brand or brands? Whether it/they are sold in sephora or not, I'm interested to know what you guys love the most and what brand you always end up purchasing something from. Mine would have to be Urban Decay, Lorac & Sephora brand Smiley Happy

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Oh this is tough! Great question! If I had to pick overall one brand, it'd be tarte since I LOVE their EmphasEYES clay eyeliner, clay foundation and finishing powder.. I like their blushes as well but...


-Blush: Nyx

-Eyeshadow: MAC

-lips: too tough.. I love YSL, Dior, NARS and NYX equally

-Mascara: Maybelline

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For face products like blush and BB cream/tinted moisturizer, Tarte.  I've also got a rather scary collection of their LipSurgence pencils.  I love that my skin doesn't react poorly to their products and that the wear time is so fantastic.  Their products also tend to be very generously sized, which makes me feel better about the high price.  1 oz of cheek tint is going to last me long enough to bequeath it to my children.


For lip color, MAC.  My favorite lipsticks in my stash are all but one from MAC.

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If I had to pick only one for the rest of time: Make Up For Ever.  Such an amazing brand.


If I could have a choice, it'd be harder since some brands do some products better than other while being quite bad at other products.  My choices, though:

YSL (lips)

Dior and Blinc (mascara)

MUFE & Urban Decay (eye shadow/liner)


If my favourite lip colour of all time wasn't discontinued, I'd put Chanel up there with YSL, but I'm still bitter.

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High end: Nars, Chanel, Burberry (eyeshadows are amazing!), Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay 


Drugstore: Loreal, Maybelline and Revlon


Each of those brands have something that I love and can't live without.

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I also love to try different things from different brands and find new favorite products. I've got can't-live-without favorites from Benefit, Tarte, NARS, and Urban Decay...but I have a whole box full of samples and minis from other brands that maybe I'll soon become hooked on! 

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broadwaybarbie---From NARS, I recommend their lipsticks, blushes/bronzers, and their TM the most. I love their cream blush, but its no longer sold at Sephora. I have trouble with the nars kits too! The prices are usually pretty crazy for the tiny products that you get. I love the color range in their lipsticks, they do colors perfectly. They have brights, nudes and reds that are so flattering and not dupe-able.

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I LOVE having a bit of everything from all brands; ya know, just love to spread the love Smiley Wink haha but if I had to pick a high end favorite I would say that Urban Decay and Too Faced are my current favorites. For drug store brand I love Wet N Wild and NYC makeup, simply because they have GREAT products with amazing pigmentation and payoff at the perfect price! <3

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I love Wet n Wild! Super affordable, and almost comparable to some of my high end 

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Ohh how fun!  I LOVE seeing everyones favorites!  From the beginning, I've been a makeup lover Smiley Happy  The absolute top is a  hard one...  buuuut, in no particular order:



Urban Decay





I also have a new-found love for Tarte, Dior, Sugarpill, Inglot and Benefit.


Pretty much every brand I've tried, I've found at least one product that I LOVE and need for my personal and professional makeup kits Smiley Happy


xo, Mia



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High End: Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, Benefit(Cute packaging and good products), Too Faced, Nars, Stila, theBalm, Tarte, Lorac, Mac, etc. I love trying out new products from different brands. I don't nesscary love everything from each brand, I just have favorite products from each brand. 

These are the brands that most of my products are from.


Drugstore: Maybelline and Revlon. 

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BareMinerals, Urban Decay, Clinique, Benefit, Tarte, MAC, NARS

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I've never used their shadows. I have a couple of nars lipsticks, a multiple, a cream blush, a lipgloss,  and I went through 4 deluxe samples of the TM. I want to try their concealer next (the stick one) and I have yet to try their sheer glow foundation and the laguna bronzer. I looked at the mini blush/bronzer duo today, but its too tiny for me for the price. I would rather either get the bigger duo, or buy them seperately.

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Oyyyyyyyyy.....where do I begin:


Sephora: Benefit, Lancome, MUFE, NARS, DIOR, UD,....


Drugstore: Burts Bees, Rimmel London, Loreal, Blistex


Lately, I've really been into NARS from Sephora and Rimmel London from drugstore





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Sephoramusthave- I really love Rimmel London as well! I have found myself wanting to try NARS, since its a brand I dont own anything from. I love a good kit, but they dont have one out right now that Im super in love with. What product(s) would you reccomend from NARS for me to try? Smiley Happy

Thanks a pretty bunch Smiley Happy

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Oooh! Totally forgot about NARS. Love their eyeshadows. I wish it was more affordable though :/

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