Fall/Winter beauty question!
I have recently developed an interest in makeup and have learned alot of techniques this past spring/summer. Now that we are coming upon fall/winter I was wondering how people change their routines??? I know that alot of people go from mineral makeup to liquid, but can someone give me more info (ie: bronzer/blush, etc.) Thanks!
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I switch out colours of eye shadow, blushes, and lip colours from the bright fresh colours of Summer, to the pigments that complement Fall clothes: In generally, I've pulled out burgundies, wine, greys, deep and olive greens, dusty rose, pink-brown blush, purples, dusty violet, brown, beige, navy etc., and put away the ocean blue, vivid pink blush, sparkles ... Also, I apply things a little more bold, whereas in the Summer my makeup is more translucent and airy ... This year for Fall I'll try the precision eyeliner effects like in the NARS larger than life eyeliner colection video/ads.  Come Winter I like playing with icey tones on my eyes for day, and like a soft pink cheek colour (icy cool).  Around Christmas time at night/parties the NARS Night series palette/pigments.  However NARS Deep Throat bush I can use every season.


Also for Fall/Winter freezing-rain, slushy blizzardy days I pull out the waterproog mascara lol!


I find generally to look at you clothes for the season and what you like to wear for guidance, as well as nature for the season, and then pull something from a seasonal trend to play with or try on some days.

Clothes are a great reference guide no matter what season.

NARS does have some great color ideas in their fall collection. Was a bit disappointed in the trio quality though.
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I didn't find the trio disappointing. NARS is always risky and aligns themselves with high-fashion. So a big deal this season is textures and the trio delivered three different textures. It's funny to me that I read over and over that people believe quality eyeshadow means uniform solid dense pigment (often achieved after a finger is rubbed in the pigment and swatched on the arm). But really this does not define a quality eyeshadow. Depending on the colour and how you want to use it, layer it, mix it or not with other shadows how much or little depth you are trying to achieve you'll need a different shadow. I think eyeshadow today can include a texture. I like how NARS shadows are not just "grey" but a little 'dirty' meaning there's a bit of blue or a green or something that makes it not quite grey, and similarly the olive is not quite olive or sage but something a little more interesting. I'm still waiting for someone to try blending outremer with grand palais to pull more purple/plum from this dusty rose that isn't quite rose. ... but I'm a fan; and I get and buy-into what NARS is selling ;-) I like a NARS style of makeup.

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