Fall/Winter beauty question!
I have recently developed an interest in makeup and have learned alot of techniques this past spring/summer. Now that we are coming upon fall/winter I was wondering how people change their routines??? I know that alot of people go from mineral makeup to liquid, but can someone give me more info (ie: bronzer/blush, etc.) Thanks!
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I say, as the weather gets colder my makeup looks do too.


Summer eye colors usually consist of sheer pinks, blues, yellows, etc.-- basically any bright/happy color you could imagine--with minimal face makeup (too hot and sticky--melts makeup right off) and a touch of bronzer for that sunkissed look. As we transition into fall, I ditch the bright shadows and the bronzer, in their place I use warmer, heartier eyeshadow colors--reds, moss green, brown, and a strawberry-red blush for the perfect pink flush. Months pass, and winter is approaching, it's time to don the sparkle. I think shimmering whites and champagnes on the eyes, combined with a soft berry blush and a touch of gloss on the lips looks best in winter. I usually avoid caking a ton of foundation on no matter the season, instead I use a bit of concealer here and there to cover up any trouble spots. I wear mascara year round, I personally feel mascara completes the look, or for that matter, makes the look. You may also want to invest in some intensive hydration moisturizer for the cooler months, makeup goes on and looks better on a moisturized face.


Hope this helps!



I might be going against the grain but I tend to do very few changes.  Since the weather here tends to be very dry, more body moisturizers and butters seem more effective to keep skin from feeling uncomfortable.  I also find winter slightly more difficult for foundation to last all day and keeping lips hydrated. 


I still use a bit of bronzer cause it adds warmth.  Without it, I would be a pale ghost.  Plus sometimes the coldest conditions do bring about redness so keeping that at bay is around the clock.  So very little blush is used and some highlighter blushes instead. 


Just because it is winter does not mean all the brights go away.  Usually things such as vibrant yellow are swapped for metallics such as:  Gold, Silver, Rose gold, copper, etc.


I am also seeing more cobalts and forest greens this season. Greys, slates, and chocolate browns are always a good fall back.  Jewel tones are good standbys (I still wear shades of purple all year round).  Although I have been eye balling the YSL fall collection shadows and lipsticks (if they do not look too vampy on).


Fall around here is very gorgeous for colors so a lot of the summer items are still useful for the fall season.  Plenty of gold and green in nature until late October.  So with the Aspens, I follow suit and coordinate in that manner.  The winters are illuminated with lights and to some depression.  Part of the reason I still keep brights in both my wardrobe and makeup.  I think it also might have to do with being raised in an area where it was always resort season to someone. 

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I switch out colours of eye shadow, blushes, and lip colours from the bright fresh colours of Summer, to the pigments that complement Fall clothes: In generally, I've pulled out burgundies, wine, greys, deep and olive greens, dusty rose, pink-brown blush, purples, dusty violet, brown, beige, navy etc., and put away the ocean blue, vivid pink blush, sparkles ... Also, I apply things a little more bold, whereas in the Summer my makeup is more translucent and airy ... This year for Fall I'll try the precision eyeliner effects like in the NARS larger than life eyeliner colection video/ads.  Come Winter I like playing with icey tones on my eyes for day, and like a soft pink cheek colour (icy cool).  Around Christmas time at night/parties the NARS Night series palette/pigments.  However NARS Deep Throat bush I can use every season.


Also for Fall/Winter freezing-rain, slushy blizzardy days I pull out the waterproog mascara lol!


I find generally to look at you clothes for the season and what you like to wear for guidance, as well as nature for the season, and then pull something from a seasonal trend to play with or try on some days.

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The only thing different I do when transitioning into the fall/winter is I ex out the bronzer and stay away from a peach colored blush. Makeup is so versatile you can do anything and play around until you find what you feel is appropriate. I don't change foundations because I found that the foundation I use (Clinique Superbalanced) has always been great for me all year round. :smileyhappy:
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The bigger question is when do you consider it official fall makeup and fashion time to start changing it up!!!??? 

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Spring/Summer is very warm and bright so I use warm and bright colors! Mainly in eyeshadows I use happy colors like pastels and sometimes I even go neon! But for winter I use bases such as silver and gray, maybe a blue (medium/frosty/navy) or browns (usually only in fall but sometimes I go into early winter with some browns). With lip color, I dont go darker or lighter or frostier or matter or anything! I stay with how I would always do my lips, but i may find a way to change it up once or twice. For my bronzer, I use a little bit more because no one gets tan in winter(or is it just me?)! For blush I stay the same for the most part.



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In the summer, it's all about what looks natural, and that tanned/bronzed look, or bright summery colors. Really just anything that pairs well with the season. As we approach fall and winter, tans fade and weather gets cooler. Because of this, bronzer in the dead of winter just looks silly (unless you fake tan year round...). Instead of bronzer, opt for a pink or plum blush. For the eyes, rich, warm jewel tones look great and be sure to keep your skin hydrated!

hope this helps!



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