Eyelash Curler Comparison
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The best eyelash curlers really depends on people's eye shape and preference. After terrible experience with a couple of the hyped/popular curlers, I decided to do a comparison between the ones Sephora carries: Shiseido, Lancome, Tarte, Sephora and Tweezerman. Hopefully it will be of help to you, too.


Tarte, 1 replacement pad+mascara: smaller and rounder than other 4 curlers and have the squishy-est pad. Parts a bit loose and the middle comes together first so if you don’t squeeze firmly, it looks like ><.

2012-06-06 18.02.02.jpg

Tarte (left) and Shiseido (right). You can see tarte is smaller and rounder.


2012-06-05 18.03.02.jpg

Sephora, 2 replacement pad: Have the firmest pad of all 5 curlers. Comparable to Shiseido, both a tiny bit flatter than other curlers. When I use Shiseido and Sephora, the middle part press against my eyes first, when using Lancome, the whole side+middle press against my eyes at same time.

2012-06-06 17.52.57.jpg


Shiseido, 1 replacement pad: Medium/normal firm pad, comes together evenly. It have a unique dip on the corners, unlike any other curlers. Due to vertical curve of the curler and dip, it actually irritates my eyes and it water every time I use the curler. =/

2012-06-06 17.58.29.jpg

Shiseido (left) and Lancome (right). You can see the dip in Shiseido while Lancome and other curlers don't have the dip.

2012-06-06 17.59.53.jpg2012-06-06 18.00.24.jpg


Lancome, 1 replacement pad: similar to Tweezerman, both very slightly rounder than Shiseido and Sephora, medium firm pad.

2012-06-06 17.51.03.jpg



Tweezerman ProCurl curler, 3 replacement pad: very nice weight, feels durable. 3 replacement pad. Curls all my lashes at once. Couldn’t tell the difference between this and Lancome, except this have a nice weight and feels sturdy (none of the parts feel loose). It also says free sharpening and life time warranty (why would you sharpen your curler?)

2012-06-06 17.56.20.jpg


All in all, if you've got smaller or rounder eyes, go for Tarte. If your eyes are deeper set, Shiseido curler's dip corner will help you get the corner lashes. If you like a firm pad (pro: no sharp kinks/angle. con: require more force to squeeze for a good curl), go for Sephora. Tweezerman feels nicer in my hand than Lancome, but honestly my eyes don't feel a difference when I was curling. I ended up getting the Tweezerman cuz it's got the most replacement pad, and Sephora one cuz it's sturdy and I tend to be heavy handed but don't want to crinkle/cut off my lashes.


Happy curler shopping!



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That's a lot of research, beautytester!


I like the Shu Uemura lash curler, wish Sephora carried these as it's a pain to order one from their website and they only come with one replacement curler pad so reordering is a somewhat frequent chore.


I thought about getting the Shisedo one but i opted for the Kevyn Acoin instead because  i found a discount. I used the Shu uemura for a while, it was a gift and while i liked it, i don't think it fit my eye shape the best.

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