This is probably the weirdest question ever asked but whatever, here it goes! I normally have had pretty tame eyebrows, so they've never been waxed/plucked etc. before. But lately, hairs have popped in between them and on top and below! I don't know if they are noticeable to other people but they are bugging me! Plus, I think getting my eyebrows shaped would add some nice definition to my face. But what do you think? Does it hurt really bad? Am I going to get it done and have waxing phobia that's worse than my unibrow phobia?? Please help!

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My mom dragged me to a salon when I first started high school and made me get my crazy bushy eyebrows under control, but I'm glad that she did! Getting any part of your face waxed is a little painful, but nothing too bad. It also gets easier over time. I actually find the tweezing they do at the end to tweak to be more painful then the waxing part. I haven't had any other part of my body waxed, because I'm afraid it would hurt a lot more than my eyebrows do! If you do decide to get your brows waxed, I have a few recommendations:


1. Find someone with a great reputation. Talk to your friends and co-workers and see who they go to. A good brow person is like a good hairdresser - few and far between. I've had my eyebrows done by several people, but no one is as thorough or shapes them as nicely as my regular gal. She's the only person aside from myself who's allowed to touch my brows anymore.


2. Try to avoid going when you have your period. You'll be more sensitive at that time of the month, and you might feel a little more sore afterward than you would normally.


3. Have them done a few days before any big event, especially your first time. You really shouldn't put any makeup on over your freshly waxed skin, and you might be a little red for a few hours, so you definitely don't want to be getting them done right before you need to make an appearance somewhere important!

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I used to pluck my brows just to keep them clean looking, but for a really good shaping I finally went to Nordstrom and had it done at the Anastasia counter.  The girl there did a combination of waxing, plucking, and trimming with really great results.  Ever since then (a year or two ago) I just maintain the shape by plucking the stray hairs that grow back.  Sure it hurts a little, but it's not like a broken leg or something.

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Do what's most comfortable for you. I don't like waxing, personally, and my brows are defined, so I just pluck the stray hairs that bother me.


You could also go to a professional for shaping, and then pluck at home, following the line she gave you.

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Different people have different preferences and pain tolerances.  I know some people that can't stand plucking their brows.  I, on the other hand, don't mind plucking at all and hate waxing.  I haven't tried threading.  I will get them waxed ever so often to get those fine hairs I cannot see.  I pluck weekly right after I shower so the pores are open and pull in the direction of hair growth.  I am in the process of growing them thicker.  At my last waxing the stylist went a little too thin.


Try them all and see which is most comfortable for you.  Good luck!

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i'm 19, and i've been doing my eyebrows since i was 12! it hurts at first but its nothing that is too bad of a pain, the pain subsides within like 2 or 3 minutes, but if your trying to shape them go to brow bar! its owned by benefit, they can help you shape them and everything and teach you how to keep up with them and they show you how to use some of there products (brow zings, highbrow) to keep your brows looking good. Also, if its your bday week, they give you a free service! 


waxing is NO BIG DEAL trust me :smileyhappy: its the most convenient way to keep up with them, at least once a month. 


just be careful if you go somewhere else, like a small manicure place or something they might not be too good with shaping they just kinda wax everything off and make them way too thin. 


if you have sensitive skin make sure they put aloe on after, don't let them use anything oily, and keep your hair out of that area if you have bangs, you will get small little dirt pimples. 


good luck :smileyhappy:

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I wax... I don't think it's that bad and I'm a baby!  But you should try things out to see what's comfortable for you.  Pain tolerance is different for different people.  The first time I got waxed, it was a miserable experience.  I found someone last year that's amazing and it's not so bad now.

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I have thin, blonde brows that are hard to see and waxing still makes my whole face look better framed and more polished.  I used to pluck them but I'm a total baby and often left them undone so I wouldn't have to feel it.  After I started getting them waxed I found out it hurts, but not as much as I thought it would, and the pain doesn't last long.  So much better!!!  A little heat, little sting, and done.  My eyes do water most of the time, but not bad.  In between waxing I shave them with the eyebrow attachment on my bikini trimmer (Bliss <3).  I've been doing it this way for 6 years now.  Take some ice water with you and if it hurts too bad or gets too red or swollen just rub a piece of ice across each brow a few times.

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have you thought of plucking? If so, this kit could help you design your brows:


or using a razor (special razor for eyebrows)


I agree with Daniela1387 about the unibrow/ unruly brows. I have super thick brows and when i dont pluck they def hijack my face.


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I'm a huge wuss with sensitive skin. I went in with a friend yesterday when she was getting her brows threaded and decided on a whim to let them do mine as well after I saw how QUICKLY hers were completed.  It might have been three minutes total for both brows.  I can't saw it doesn't hurt, but after it's done, it doesn't hurt anymore.  Go with a friend, then afterwards, buy some make-up and eat a cookie.  You'll forget the pain. 


I am not going to lie to you it will hurt. Its not absolutely horrific but even after getting my eyebrows done for years my eyes still water when I get them waxed. Keep in mind it is hot wax on one of your most sensitive areas that is then torn off with a cloth strip. However it does make a difference. No matter how amazing you do your makeup if you have supperrr thick eyebrows or a unibrow all the attention will go to that instead of the makeup magic you pulled off. Also it also depends where you go. Some places I've gone too are a bit pricey but will take the time to make you comfortable with the waxing experience and be verrryyy gentle. My advice RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH to find a place with good reviews that will take the time to make you comfy with the process. 


Waxing, threading & plucking all hurt. I used to get mine waxed, but have since stopped because I use retinol which is a big no-no for waxing. 

I agree with @Daniela1387 do your research if you decide to get waxed. Most cheap salons will over wax and then it's a pain to maintain when they start to grow back in. I have big, full eyebrows, but I rarely have them take anything off the top, just in-between and underneath. I usually keep my shape & get them threaded or I pluck them myself. The Anastasia brow stencils are awesome for an at home pluck. 

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You don't have to wax, You could try threading. Or just plucking the stray hairs yourself. I'm not a fan of waxing at all but when i'm at the mall i do get my eyebrows threaded. It hurts, some tears are shed when i go but i don't handle pain well. Everything will hurt to some extent but you have to do what you have to do. It gets better as you get used to it. Just make sure you or the person doing it doesn't go too crazy. If you have a good shape you just need it cleaned up. 


I've got hairy brows and there's even some on the eyelid, so I pluck all the time. The darker/thicker ones are easier to pull than the thinner baby ones, and they hurt less after a shower. 


As for waxing, there's also the threading option. Some say one hurt more than the other, other people vice versa. I don't know cuz I've never tried them. I have tried waxing strips on my body but don't think it's the same thing (since you are pulling out more hair at the same time, it hurt more but the pain is more brief).


I'd say try once, and if you don't like it then try the other method.

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