This is probably the weirdest question ever asked but whatever, here it goes! I normally have had pretty tame eyebrows, so they've never been waxed/plucked etc. before. But lately, hairs have popped in between them and on top and below! I don't know if they are noticeable to other people but they are bugging me! Plus, I think getting my eyebrows shaped would add some nice definition to my face. But what do you think? Does it hurt really bad? Am I going to get it done and have waxing phobia that's worse than my unibrow phobia?? Please help!

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Waxing, threading & plucking all hurt. I used to get mine waxed, but have since stopped because I use retinol which is a big no-no for waxing. 

I agree with @Daniela1387 do your research if you decide to get waxed. Most cheap salons will over wax and then it's a pain to maintain when they start to grow back in. I have big, full eyebrows, but I rarely have them take anything off the top, just in-between and underneath. I usually keep my shape & get them threaded or I pluck them myself. The Anastasia brow stencils are awesome for an at home pluck. 

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