This is probably the weirdest question ever asked but whatever, here it goes! I normally have had pretty tame eyebrows, so they've never been waxed/plucked etc. before. But lately, hairs have popped in between them and on top and below! I don't know if they are noticeable to other people but they are bugging me! Plus, I think getting my eyebrows shaped would add some nice definition to my face. But what do you think? Does it hurt really bad? Am I going to get it done and have waxing phobia that's worse than my unibrow phobia?? Please help!

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I've got hairy brows and there's even some on the eyelid, so I pluck all the time. The darker/thicker ones are easier to pull than the thinner baby ones, and they hurt less after a shower. 


As for waxing, there's also the threading option. Some say one hurt more than the other, other people vice versa. I don't know cuz I've never tried them. I have tried waxing strips on my body but don't think it's the same thing (since you are pulling out more hair at the same time, it hurt more but the pain is more brief).


I'd say try once, and if you don't like it then try the other method.

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