This is probably the weirdest question ever asked but whatever, here it goes! I normally have had pretty tame eyebrows, so they've never been waxed/plucked etc. before. But lately, hairs have popped in between them and on top and below! I don't know if they are noticeable to other people but they are bugging me! Plus, I think getting my eyebrows shaped would add some nice definition to my face. But what do you think? Does it hurt really bad? Am I going to get it done and have waxing phobia that's worse than my unibrow phobia?? Please help!

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I am not going to lie to you it will hurt. Its not absolutely horrific but even after getting my eyebrows done for years my eyes still water when I get them waxed. Keep in mind it is hot wax on one of your most sensitive areas that is then torn off with a cloth strip. However it does make a difference. No matter how amazing you do your makeup if you have supperrr thick eyebrows or a unibrow all the attention will go to that instead of the makeup magic you pulled off. Also it also depends where you go. Some places I've gone too are a bit pricey but will take the time to make you comfortable with the waxing experience and be verrryyy gentle. My advice RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH to find a place with good reviews that will take the time to make you comfy with the process. 

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