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I need some help figuring out what to do with my brows . I've recently been interested in doing my eyebrows, but I'm not really sure how.  I have a round face & I've read a lot that arched eyebrows look best with a round face shape but I don't really know how to achieve an arched eyebrow. I would also like to start filling in the little bald spots in my brows to define them, but I'm not sure what color to pick. I have brown hair so I find it difficult to find the right color and brand . Any advice?

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image.jpgHere is a bit of humor to interject while we are talking about brows... Smiley Happy

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I love the "yes"! I have gone to the same girl to wax my brows for basically FOREVER. And they were always perfect. But now I live 8 hours away and after a terrible brow experience trying out a place here (literally almost cried in the chair when she showed me after she was done)....I want to do them myself. But....I am scared. I tried to go to Sephora to look for a stencil to give me the shape of that last brow, but they all looked too rounded? Any suggestions?


Or...if anyone lives near Nashville and knows someone who won't destroy my brows....point me to them. I am currently trying to be patient and let them grow back in to a more natural shape and then starting from scratch.

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i see too many people with the NO's

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What a great, funny picture. Ha ha

I once knew a girl that had her eyebrows drawn on like the second one throughout one year in high school, then the next year, it was shape number 4.

I always had the urge to wipe them off and draw a decent shape. 

(I'm so mean)

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this is so funny! Yet true..!

<3 Melissa

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I would say look at some YouTube videos, there are a ton. You will make mistakes, I always do but once you find the look for you, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I just started paying closer attention to my brows and it really does change the look of your face, you look more put together so the rest of my make up can be subtle.

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hi lovexxbeauty, 


I just started doing my brows too! And I happen to have a round face as well, haha. 


Anyway, I found that with my face shape, a flatter, straight, slightly thick brow is actually more flattering than thinner, curved or arched brows. (Again, just my opinion). 


In terms of product, I haven't gotten myself to invest in a brow product yet, because I've just been using a few matte shades from my UD Naked1 (naked, buck) and Naked2 (tease, blackout) eyeshadow palettes. Surprisingly, this has worked really well for me, and gives a super natural look. Here's a quick breakdown of my routine: 


1. When I prime my eyes, I also rub a tiny bit of the excess eyeshadow primer gently into my brows. 

2. Taking an angled brow brush (I use the one that comes in the Real Techniques Eye Starter Set), I dip it into the colors naked and buck in Naked1 and then transfer it onto a clean plastic surface (I use a cosmetic spatula) 

3. Then I go to Naked2 and dip the same brush into tease and finally a tiny tiny bit of blackout. 

4. I mix this with the naked/buck combination to create this custom shade of soft brown to suit my brow color (You can experiment to find your perfect color using your existing matte eyeshadows)

5. Then I start with very small hair-like strokes from the middle of the brow down to the tail of the brow. (Tip: don't start at the beginning of the brow, near your nose, because typically the beginning of the brow is naturally lighter and sparser, so you don't want to concentrate a lot of color there). 

6. When I'm done with step 5, I don't redip my brush; rather I take the little bit of color that's left and fill in the beginning of the brow. 

7. Comb through with a spooley brush or clean mascara wand with natural bristles, and get any harsh lines out (keep in mind this my routine is for a natural brow look, so if you want something more architectural and carved out, this probably won't work for that). 

8. As a final step, I just take a clean Qtip and run it right outside the brow shape to pick up any color that has gotten onto the surrounding skin. I know a lot of people use concealer on this step, but I'm just too lazy for that! 


I know this isn't the textbook way or beauty guru way of doing brows, but it works for me, and best of all you can just use it to practice your technique using existing eyeshadows in your collection before committing to an actual brow product, which can be quite pricey imho! 


Hope you have fun doing your brows and good luck!

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I have a round face as well, and I find that straighter brows on me are the most flattering! Arches just make me look vicious! Significant curves and very plucked brows make my face seem childish and chubby, in my opinion. A small, natural curve works best for me.

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Start by following the natural curve of your brows. If you've never ever had them shaped before, go have an aesthetician do them or even ask someone at Sephora to guide you on how to do them. Some people with round faces have flatter brows, rounded, arched, thin, thick... it all depends on your face. If your eyebrows aren't naturally arched, maybe that's not the shape for you if that means you'll have to completely draw one in! Try checking out eyebrow waxing/threading in your location on yelp or something and check out the reviews. Some professionals go to school for eyebrows and know the perfect shape for you just by looking. Otherwise, there are tons of tutorials on finding your best brow shape in this community, on youtube, etc. 

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good idea about following the natural curve of my eyebrows!  I will definitely do that! thank you so much!

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In regards to eye brow shape, here's a thread where another user inquired about flatter brow shapes for rounder faces:



If you've never had your brows shaped before, I would advise seeking a brow specialist working with your choice of medium (threading, waxing, etc.) and bringing in visuals and discussing your overall look you want to achieve so they can aid in taking you from point A to point B in a clear fashion.


In regards to filling in brows, there's plenty of options to go. 



The above thread covers and breaks down brow products so you can get a better idea of their use, I would suggest a pencil for something easy to work with compared to powders or pomades which may require more practice. Anastasia's Brow Wiz Pencil, Sephora's Retractable Brow Pencil, and Dior's Universal Brow Pencil are all great starting points and come with a spoolie brush to help comb through and soften the application some.

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thank you SO much! very helpful! 

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