Drugstore or High End?

Just beginning this year I've noticed that I have started to purchase more high end products... Sephora. I somewhat stopped buying from the drugstore. I think mainly due to my sensitive skin and how bad it reacted it a lot of drugstore products (my personal experience). Though, there are products that I only go to the drugstore to buy. Like mascara, eyeliner, and revlon lipsticks. Other then that, I find myself mainly buying higher end makeup for everything else. I guess it's just personal preference. 


What's your opinion on drugstore and high end? Do you prefer one over the other?

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I've read good things online about the Hard Candy Glamoflage, but I haven't tried it.  Have you tried any of their new polishes?  I've seen STUNNING pictures of them on Instagram.

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I got a MUFE sample from Sephora and bought a Hard Candy Glamoflage from Walmarts, and honestly I think they are both awesome for covering blemishes.  I got light-medium in Hard Candy which is too light for me though.....it really is more "light" than "medium"!    Haven't tried any polishes yet but if I run into Walmart again anytime soon I will take a look Smiley Happy

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It sounds like I need to pay more attention to the Hard Candy aisle next time lol.  

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You definitely should, I agree glamoflage is a really great concealer. I also like their polishes, they are great if you like sparkle! They last about a week, and very easy to remove for glitter polishes. I actually also like their face primer, it keeps me from getting oily and my makeup lasts all day, although if you don't like silcone-based primers, you will not like this one.

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Good question! I started out at the high end too, with my mom buying me the sephora eyeshadow palettes for my birthday. It wasn't until I discovered Coastal Scents and their 252 palettes that are constantly on sale that are essentially the same as Sephora's palettes but waaaaaay cheaper that I started bouncing back and forth between high ends and drugstore items. Things like eyeshadow (well, with 252 colours to choose from, why bother buying more now?), lips, and blush I search for cheaper prices, unless I can justify quality (how long it lasts and how does my skin react to it, and what's the colour payoff?) like Tarte's cheek stains, which set my blush search back at least two years. Things for the face like primer, foundation (Korean BB creams are my go-to right now!), and powder are fine for high end because its the base that ties it all together. Also, I can swatch em in store hah. My skin colour's wonky. 


Oh, and brushes. I don't skimp out of brushes. I want synthetic, cruelty free, high quality brushes because I want these babies to last and apply makeup well, regardless of eyeshadow/lipstick/blush quality. 

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As many others have said, I use both.  However, most of my collection is high end.  I am a loyal Urban Decay fan!   I have used high end products that were horrible, and I have use drug store products that are beyond amazing.  


Since I only need sheer coverage for a foundation product, I have trouble opening my wallet for some products.  If I need sheer coverage, I don't want to spend $50 for it, especially since I'm on a college budget lol.  I still haven't found my HG foundation product, but the Neutrogena foundation products are quite nice.  


The original Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara was my HG mascara until they decided to change the brush and formula.  However, Maybelline mascaras work amazingly well for me.  


Revlon Lip Butters.  Enough said lol.


However, drugstore eyeshadows cannot compare to my Urban Decay eyeshadows.  UD shadows got me into the brand.

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I use both, to be honest. I've found that Revlon ColorStay foundation has been the best match for my skin, but that I love Urban Decay eyeliner and DiorShow mascara.

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For me its more about quality than price. If I like something enough I will use it no matter how much it cost or where it came from. I was just introduced to "elf" a few months ago and I really love some of their stuff. I also just started wearing mascara which happens to be Cover Girl. Sephora has some of my favorite brands like Kat Von D and Origins, so I will always go there for those. But if I want something fun like glitter eyeliner I will probably just go with elf or a clear top coat for nail polish I'll stick with my CVS $1.99 Confetti. lol

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i have tried a LOT of high end concealers under my eyes (NARS, MUFE, Benefit Erase Pastes, Bare Minerals, I probably tried others too)... and they were caky/ accentuated fine lines.   but I found a drugstore under eye product that I LOVE = Garnier Roller Ball Anti Dark Circle in sheer tint. It is awessssoooommmmmmmeee

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Drugstore makeup has come a looong way but when it comes to my face I usually stick to high-end. That being said I really love the Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation and the primers from L'oreal. I also stick to BB creams from the drugstore. I just figure that with that little bit of coverage I just wouldn't feel comfortable spending big bucks.

While I love the mascara from the drugstore I will say that I never experience problems with flakiness from the higher-end ones.


Some drugstore stuff is not so good for sure but I guess for the price people let a LOT slide. Other than Milani I have yet to find a brand of drugstore blush that works well.


Drugstore brands and items I  really love:


Milani lipsticks (awesome!), blushes, concealers, nail polishes, mineral baked eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipliners.


NYX lipsticks, primers, eyeshadows

L'oreal infallible eyeshadows

Revlon lipsticks, nail polishes

Maybelline color tattoos, BB cream

Iman BB cream, pressed powders

Cover Girl queen collection bronzers


High end brands that will prob never get my money:


Cle de Peau

Serge Normant


High end brands that MIGHT get my money:

Tom Ford


Dolce & Gabanna


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i buy what works.  if it is $2 and it works, great.  If its $25 and it works, i;m willing to pay for it.  I have been finding high end products that work better than any drugstore ones I found found, so thats what i;ve been buying lately.  Sometime it can be hard to spend $30 on one item, but I find that in the long run if I buy one item at $30, it is better than buying multiple $5 items of the same thing because I don't like them and keep trying to find a different one that works.  lol

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I started using makeup from the drug store until I was introduced to bare minerals and I became a full convert to the high end side.  As my money situation has now altered my budget, I have been called back to the drug store.


But, I have learned what I can save on (mostly from emilynoel83 on youtube) and what I need to splurge on.  Certain makeup and skincare products I can't give up and then for the rest I have enjoyed my youtube searches for cheaper alternatives.


One thing I have noticed, the drug stores are a little behind the times, but they get the "new" innovations eventually.  I just bought a bottle of drug store argan oil with a coupon for $4 and it worked for me just as well as the Josie Maran argan oil hair serum.  Major score!

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Just about every drugstore product has disappointed me. The only item I use on occasion is a Wet & Wild shadow palette & EOS lip balm. All the mascaras & eye liners I purchase on impulse I end up tossing.  

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Just as I was about to compose a post, supper is finished cooking lol.  I'll return later lol.  

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Ingredients are really important to me and especially because I have oily, very acne prone skin, I have to be careful with what I put on my face or I will have a cystic acne mountain range on my face faster than you can say mineral oil. That being said, the only item that I use from a drugstore on a daily basis are my makeup removing cloths; I then go on to cleanse with a Boscia or Philosophy cleanser, both available at Sephora. 



Just remember--you may be able to find dupes for makeup but there are no dupes in skincare. 


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I first got into Make-up when a Sephora store opened near me. I was 16 and never wore makeup so when i checked it out i fell in love. I started out with high end makeup so i couldn't imagine really buying from drugstores. I have one exception though. My favorite eye shadow i wear all the time is Wet and Wild. So that is the only thing i will buy from a drugstore. I have tried many drugstore products to see if i could save money on makeup but i'm just not liking anything i try. I will probably always buy from Sephora. 

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While there are a few items that you can get away with skimping on, my personal stance on it is "you get what you pay for".  I'd rather pay a bit more for higher quality, especially when it comes to skincare.  Even basic items, like nail polish, you can tell the difference with.  A $1.99 NYC polish that needs 3+ coats vs a $9 OPI polish that gives great results with 2?  I'll pay a bit more.  Now will I splurge every time for a $24 Dior polish, that doesn't need a base or top coat to look fab?  Probably not always... but that one staple color that I use over & over, sure!  Paying a little more for faster, longer lasting results with my makeup is totally worth it to me! 


xo, Mia

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I actually started out with high end brands when i got into makeup about a year ago and now after researching different makeup tips and tutorials I have found that there are some drugstore brands that are totally to die for. I now frequent both Ulta (which carries lots of drugstore brands including Nyx and some brands that Sephora doesn't carry in store like Lorac) and Sephora pretty evenly. Makeup I now realize is allll about trial and error sometimes high end brands have failed me where drugstore brands have been wins =)

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I tend to go high end because when I go to a drugstore, i'm usually in a rush to get out.  My low budget addiction is Avon but I usually end up giving most of it away because the colors don't match the brochure and I buy when I want to try out a trend before I commit to something expensive.  I think that's another reason why I like high end.  You get to try it before you buy it.

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It depends on the product but I kind of prefer high end more

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I definitely buy high end for face products, (foundation,powder,moisturizer etc) except oil of Olay I looove that stuff! 


Mascara eh I can do either. I love the falsies. Eye liner I'm kinda a snob, I do high end b/c I don't think fire should be a component in applying a product to my eye area.  



Eye shadow and nail polish either or. 


Lip products I like higher end but I still love baby soft and burts bees and did, who am I kidding! If it's a lip product I'll buy it from where ever!

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