Doll Look For Halloween: Need Help!

Hey Girls!


For Halloween, my best friend and I are going out as creepy dolls with HUGE eyes. As you probably guessed, this requires white eyeliner and liquid liner. I don't own any of those things at the time, and I am wondering what your recommendations are for them. I am wanting to spend as little as possible, because I need to purchase MANY false lashes and temporary hair dye. I mean like $10 or less on those two items. I'm not a big fan of wet  n' wild, but I would settle with them for the price. What are your favorite drugstore white liners and black liquid ones? I want the white one to be at least a bit creamy so it won't hurt my undereye area.


Also, any suggestions on "cute" color schemes and "cute" and easy outfits for this costume?



Thank you so much!


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