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For Halloween, my best friend and I are going out as creepy dolls with HUGE eyes. As you probably guessed, this requires white eyeliner and liquid liner. I don't own any of those things at the time, and I am wondering what your recommendations are for them. I am wanting to spend as little as possible, because I need to purchase MANY false lashes and temporary hair dye. I mean like $10 or less on those two items. I'm not a big fan of wet  n' wild, but I would settle with them for the price. What are your favorite drugstore white liners and black liquid ones? I want the white one to be at least a bit creamy so it won't hurt my undereye area.


Also, any suggestions on "cute" color schemes and "cute" and easy outfits for this costume?



Thank you so much!


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Hey gabidee!  I would go for pigtails, vibrant cheeks (in circles so they look less natural), huge eyelashes and red lips.  Here's the closest thing to what I had in mind:





You don't have to put the false lashes on the bottom, but it does have a cool effect.  As far as the actual costume, maybe a pink dress with a bow on your head or something else that looks doll-like?  The makeup can be the part that makes the whole thing scary.  


For products, I would definitely look into the Sephora Jumbo Waterproof Eye pencil in 01 White for the waterline and inner corners:


The Sephora collection has great false lashes that are high quality for very cheap,  -in maybe Showstopper, Mink, or Glitter:

*Don't use the glue that comes with it-I think Duo Eyelash Adhesive is the best (available at any drugstore)


That's just my idea-hope those suggestions help you!!


go to ulta and get the 2 in 1 kajil eye pencil. they have one with  black and white ends so you could use that. and it costs 99 cnets and it lasts FOREVER!!!!!!!  for a coustume u could drees up like school girls ( plaid skirt whits blouse, knee socks and black mary janes) and put yuour hair in pigtails. do a red lip with a rimmel london mousture renew lip stick (i hear they are good) and get a super duper pale white foundation. i reccomend sprit as a coustume store 9 i think they might be only in az, sorry) good luck, post pics!!


Hi, gabidee.  It sounds like you've got a fun evening planned for Halloween!  When it comes to drugstore eye products such as eyeliners and eyeshadows, I think NYX is the best.  It is inexpensive and it is good quality and won't irritate your eyes.  NYX has white eyeliner pencils and all kinds of other colors, too, which are soft and creamy.  The white pencil I'm referring to is in a jumbo sized pencil.  NYX has a lot of other "wild" colors of makeup which you may find useful in creating your costume, as well.  You can probably find all of the makeup you need and hair products to do your costume at an Ulta (if you have one close to you).  Ulta has colored clip in hair pieces and all sorts of things.  My daughter went as one of the "Living Dead Dolls" for Halloween one year and she looked great.  I don't know if you're familiar with the "Living Dead Dolls" but looking at them would be a great guide to go by to create a creapy doll look.  Here's a few photos of what a "Living Dead Doll" looks like in case you've never seen them:

Anyway, you can Google "Living Dead Dolls" and find all kinds of different looks if you're interested.  Hope you have a great time on Halloween!
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I've seen some really scary looking Raggedy Ann doll makeup!  You wear a yarn wig (these are fun to make if you can't find one at a costume shop). Then you do the doll face look, but go way overboard on the eyes and cheeks and wear a sailor suit type costume or a blue and white short sleeve dress with an apron. Rimmel and NYX have good inexpensive makeup, but be sure to use a good primer and sealer on the eye makeup as it does tend to migrate if you don't (though maybe a smeary look might enhance the effect....).


Sounds like great fun and I wish you all the best in achieving a truly scary look!

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