Does natural mean it's automatically good for your skin?

So I've been reading some articles about natural makeup products. Some people swear by using natural products and say its made their skin much better, others say that there were chemicals in natural makeup that they didn't realize and it actually harmed their skin. What do you think? Is using natural makeup better or worse than using just regular unnatural products? 

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As someone who has a LOT of food allergies (different reaction if I eat or put on skin, but both bad), I actually tend to stay away from natural products as much as possible. I'm one of those odd people who stands in the store and literally reads every ingredient on every product I look at!


It really depends. Just because it says "natural" doesn't mean it has the same ingredients as a similar "natural" product. And like others have stated, every last ingredient can affect your skin differently than the next person. I know that I have been battling some crazy acne for awhile and am just now getting it under control. For me personally, once I started using only paraben-free face products (eye, lip products are fine) my skin has done a complete 180. Tarte has become my #1 favorite line.



No, just because something is natural does not mean it is good for you.  Just like products with manufactured ingredients, natural products are made of multiple components.  It is possible that one or more of those ingredients will not be compatible with your skin.  For instance, there could be a natural oil in the product that makes some people break out.  I think of it how some people have allergies to things like peanuts or bananas, which are natural, it's just that their bodies react to them.

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Quick answer: NO!!!


Natural is a buzz word right now and there's no set definition of what natural is.  Just because it came from the "Earth" (side note: there are naturally occurring chemicals!) doesn't mean it's better than anything else.  Think about seasonal allergies- there are many, many things in our natural environment that wreck havoc on our bodies, so smearing them on our face isn't the best idea.  Also, natural products are concentrated- those are unnnatural concentrations.


Let's be clear: I'm not saying not to ever use a natural product. They work wonders for some people.  I'm just saying that natural does not equal automatically good.

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I think it really depends on the product and your skin.  I have used a lot of natural products lines: Korres, Ren, etc which actually helped out my face a lot.  Especially Ren.  I have also tried some that irritated it more than ever (yes, I am looking at you, Boscia). 


Also, I am going to rephrase this that people really need to be careful on the words "natural" and "organic".  They are not regulated by the FDA and therefore, just because it says "Natural" or "Organic" doesn't mean that it is completely.  Best thing to do is to know your ingredients list and read the label for yourself.

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I agree with everything everybody else has said. Natural products can contain ingredients that may react with your skin, it just depends. 


Also because the idea of natural products is very popular, so words like natural and organic are incredibly overused and can be very deceiving. For example I have found cleansers labelled as natural, when in actuality it was "naturally derived".


It is also important to think of trade offs when choosing natural products. For example natural products usually contain less, or different preservatives, so the product may expire or separate more easily.


The best way to find out what is ingredients are best, is to educate yourself about them. And it also involves a little bit of trial and error, because everyone's skin is different, so different ingredients and products may or may not work for you.

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Depends on the ingredients. I think the reason is that not-natural brands usually contain unnecessary chemicals like synthetic fragrance or coloring, which obviously do nothing good for your skin even if it does nothing bad. However, different people react differently to different things. Some people are allergic to mint, lavender, chamomile, nut oil or alcohol....which are contained in natural and some unnatural products, so it can harm their skin. In those cases it might be better to use product that contains distilled/processed vitamin/ingredients of the plant/flower instead of the raw-er form. Not sure if that's making sense, but basically it depends.

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I used to only wear natural products and used to check everything on EWG dot org before buying.  There are some GREAT natural products out there that I still use and think are better than high end items. But there are some very irritating ones too (essential oils and some natural barrier sunscreens can cause issues).  


Some of the natural products simply don't cut it for me (foundation is one area where I just couldn't find a good product) but now UD and other companies are doing a great job at cleaning up some potentially harmful ingredients in their products (UD Naked Foundation). Tarte is another great company that works hard to make a good product and to make it with less questionable ingredients.


There are chemicals in non-natural skin care/makeup/body care items that I try to stay away from (not with face cleanser, moisturizer & makeup) but with body wash, deodorant & body lotion. In this area use only natural products because these are large surfaces (minus the armpits) that I apply product when my pores are open. Think hot shower and then applying lotion.  Also, there have been some differing studies out there regarding anti-persp & toxicity. So I just err on the side of safety there. 


EWG is a great non profit that talks about different chemicals & ingredients. Their skin deep database has a lot of info.

Hope this helps

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For my skin natural is not always better. I'm not against natural products at all, for some people they work great. I bought a lip product from Lush and it made my lips burn and peel very badly. I had a rash for like a week after using the product one time. I was never really a fan of Lush to begin with but that experience really turned me off to them. Also they used questionable ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, dyes, and fragrances.


I think you just really need to listen to your skin and educate yourself on ingredients to look out for. You also need to remember that there is no right skin or makeup routine that works for everyone. If natural works for you that is awesome. If it doesn't that is awesome too. It's just a matter of trial and error.

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