Do you follow the trends or do your own thing?

So are you someone who follows the current trends in make-up or do your own thing?  If you do your own thing do you play it safe or go wild?



I've never really followed the trends although I like to know what's coming out every season. It doesn't mean because certain colors are in that I'll do my make-up according to fashion magazines and trends.  I've pretty much always marched to the beat of my own drum.  No I never play it safe. lol.  Yeah sure sometimes I want something less flashy and yeah sometimes I'm lazy lol but I've always liked color.  I'm the type of person that does crazy smoky eyes with yellows, greens, blue, purples, pink. I even had red a few times as well.  I've also pretty much always painted my toe nails black and everyone at my esthetician's was like really?  Eventually she told me more and more of her clients wanted black nails. I say why not?  It goes with everything right :smileywink:  So recently I've been more into lipsticks and actually wanted a blueberry type color.  So I didn't get the color I wanted just yet but by mixing Ardency inn black is blue with lipstick queen hello sailor I got this very nice blueish shade.  Now most people wouldn't wear blue lipstick but I say why not?  I think it would be so cool if the lip trends would change a bit to include colors we don't normally see. :smileywink:  If it doesn't well I don't care because I'll wear what I like. lol


So I'm the wild child that listens to no one.  Who are you?

Re: Do you follow the trends or do your own thing?

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Re: Do you follow the trends or do your own thing?

What ARE the trends?  I always have trouble with that, I mean when I read beauty magazines or whatever the "trends' they report are always so vague like "winged liner this season!" or "jewel toned eyes!".  I mean who DOESN'T do winged liner, and how is that exactly a trend?  So yeah, mostly I just don't get it, so in that sense no, I don't follow trends because I don't know what they are exactly!


Maybe someone could helpfully start a "trends" thread to report on the latest for fashion dummies like me :smileyvery-happy:

Re: Do you follow the trends or do your own thing?

*raises hand* I don't do winged liner.


I'm too clumsy and blind to do so. :smileyvery-happy:

Re: Do you follow the trends or do your own thing?

For the most part when it comes to makeup it seems like "trends" weren't something that really died anyways. Like you said, who doesn't like winged liner? Or an oxblood lip? Mostly I just rock whatever I feel like (although I don't usually get very wild).

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