Do M.A.C. products deserve the hype they get?

I am about to run out of almost all the makeup I have, and I want to take the opportunity to try some new makeup! I have always heard a lot about M.A.C. cosmetics, and of course seen them and their stores all over the place. I've always tended to stay away from M.A.C. though because they seem to be pretty expensive and I don't know enough about their products. 

I'm 21 years old, so I haven't spent that much time around make up yet, and I'm still just learning about the basics. I am big on cat eyes and have been getting more into eye shadows in the past couple of years. I am curious about ANY and ALL of M.A.C.'s make up though! Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, brushes, mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer...does anyone swear by any of these products from M.A.C.??

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I LOVE M.A.C's foundations and concealers.  Some of their products are expensive but most of them are equivalent to most of the things you will find in sephora.  They have the only foundation that I have been able to wear and it lasts til i wash it off.  I have extremely dry skin so most foundations make me feel more dry and look dry.  


I haven't had a chance to try much of their eye shadows or lipsticks but many beauty gurus love their products.

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