Do M.A.C. products deserve the hype they get?

I am about to run out of almost all the makeup I have, and I want to take the opportunity to try some new makeup! I have always heard a lot about M.A.C. cosmetics, and of course seen them and their stores all over the place. I've always tended to stay away from M.A.C. though because they seem to be pretty expensive and I don't know enough about their products. 

I'm 21 years old, so I haven't spent that much time around make up yet, and I'm still just learning about the basics. I am big on cat eyes and have been getting more into eye shadows in the past couple of years. I am curious about ANY and ALL of M.A.C.'s make up though! Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, brushes, mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer...does anyone swear by any of these products from M.A.C.??

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Although I'm not a makeup guru by any stretch of the imagination, I do have a number of the MAC eyeshadows, usually in the pearlescent or metallic tones, and I love them, and use them on a daily basis, they also last a super long time, so even though it is more expensive, it's worth the investment. Just my two cents!

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Hi Again, I meant to warn you about MAC Cosmetics 'knock offs" for lack of a better terminology. They say it is the exact same product and it looks the same. Sometimes up close, if you're holding a real and a fake next to each other, that's when you can more easily notice some packaging differences, The prices are lower, the Shipping is ridiculously expensive. I've never fallen into this trap, partly because it was too good to be true and stories of others who had been duped. I also believe they were out of the USA.  So if you ever see MAC anywhere other than their site or some other reputable, well-known, established site that has permission from MAC to sell their products.. Just wanted to pass that along. Hope it helps.


I LOVE M.A.C's foundations and concealers.  Some of their products are expensive but most of them are equivalent to most of the things you will find in sephora.  They have the only foundation that I have been able to wear and it lasts til i wash it off.  I have extremely dry skin so most foundations make me feel more dry and look dry.  


I haven't had a chance to try much of their eye shadows or lipsticks but many beauty gurus love their products.


This is a very tricky subject, as there's no clear cut wrong or right answer.


MAC started off as a pro beauty line, in other words it was created for professional film and camera use and therefore formulated to be of higher pigmentation, quality to withstand bright lights and conditions, and wear a bit more. After the line was bought out by Estee Lauder I did notice a change in some of their formulations.


This is all a personal viewpoint, so I'm not trying to preach on and state what I have to say is the word or the law on MAC. Just like any and all make up lines, there are products that work well and some not so well. I'm not bashing and stating their products are crap, but it just depends on personal preferences and what you're looking for out of your make up.


For example, if you need a foundation, don't just turn to MAC (or any other brand) because of some big shiny promo or ad, or because some celebrity is hawking some lip color, do your due diligence and research formulas, test out the product, see how it feels and wears on your skin, comparison shop with other brands. Just because MAC is a big name doesn't make it the only name.


I've noticed that their foundations tend to wear a bit heavy since the Estee Lauder take over, and I've even had clients I've worked with complain that they started breaking out because the formulations are different.


Their tools/brushes are still of very nice quality, their eye shadows are hit or miss depending on the shade (once again, something I noticed after the take over), and their lip products (glosses, lipsticks, long wear, lip liners) are still good tried and true products.


If you're wanting to invest in some good quality make up, research, research, research, and shop smart. MAC will often launch holiday kits or palettes for brushes and shadows, so it's not a bad deal to pick some items up during that time, but don't neglect other lines as well. The plus side about stores like Sephora or even Ulta is that they carry a wide range of brands and products so you're not just labled a "brand **bleep**" and sticking with one line because of the lack of knowledge with what else is on the market.


If you're wanting to search for certain items, let us know your wants/needs!

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Hi vngars and Welcome - I especially love their glosses and other lip products, the colors are beautiful and I love that there are different formulas/finishes. We all know that glosses need to be reapplied, we must eat tons of it. But this is as good as any other I've tried. You can put a lipstick, lipbalm, or lipliner to under the gloss so your lips don't suddenly go pale and look unfinished after a little while - you'll still be able to see some color from whatever you used before. You can go with any color lipstick or lipbalm and here's another debate...Lipliners. You can wear either a color close to the color of your lipstick or you can use a nude-ish pink, color you lips should be, say after a workout or something when they're more flushed. You coud also describe it as the color of a baby's lips, so pretty. Go with the baby lip color lipliner if you're using only that over your entire lips, under your gloss.  I've not used the glosses in a while, pretty sure they have a vanilla-ish scent that I'm not crazy about, but double check that, things may have changed and I might not be correct, although I think I am in this case. Have tried some of their shadows ans do like them. Those are the only products I've used by MAC. I think it was lylysa who said they come out with great holiday kits that give you a chance to try a bunch of different items in 1 kit and she is so right. So that might be fun, and helpful.


I don't think they have this great reputation for no reason. The thing is that everyone is different and it's the same with all brands, some people love it and others don't. I did read something that somebody mentioned recently, don't remember who and I'm most definiitely not trying to slam anyone, so I hope this doesn't come out wrong, hurtful or nasty, it isn't meant that way at all. This is not a direct quote, but they said that they have heard that MAC (and maybe other brands, not sure) kind of 'dilute'  the products in the holiday kits (and maybe other kits, don't remember...I'm sick and on drugs so please forgive my brain blackouts)

I don't think that's true, it doesn't make sense to me. These kits arevery often purchased as gifts for yourself or someone else, if you can part with it. *I suffer from that*  They want to entice us and do there best to make us fall in love with their products. That's why there's a little bit of everything. Mac and other brands are hoping you'll be dazzled by the pretty packaging and variety of products and that you;ll fall in love with atleast a few things so that we'll be impressed and in love and come back for more. I think they also hope that even though you didn't like a certain product in the kit you might just come back and try it again anyhow, down the road. Love can make us do just about anything, and I don't think love of cosmetics/skincare is any different. So I don't think they would want to put out products that are any less than perfect, especially at a time like this. That's just my thinking, but who knows.


But to tell you the truth, at the ripe old age of 21, you might not want to go with the most expensive products, there are many others that are absolutely wonderful by a staggering array of brands. So if you buy a kit, that's a nice intro, then pick something you really love and get that. Then look around and you can come back and ask for specifics. The most expensive isn't always the best. but it is fun to have some elite brands in your bag of tricks. Then play around, you can always return if you purchase through Sephora. If you purchase elsewhere, please, please, please read the return policy numerous times, some are ridiculous. You must return the products unopened, unused within  14 days from the day They mailed it and pay a restocking fee of 20%, some are beyond ridiculous. I'm not exaggerating either, sure others will verify this. BTW, there's nothing wrong with wearing 'drugstore' brand cosmetics and skincare. I still use some that I fell in love with years ago and just won't give up on, heartbreaking when they retire some things. I still go back and check out new formulas, colors etc. The more money I save there, the more I have to spend somewhere else.


I think you should focus on skincare and products with SPF, I have a friend who is about 35 and she has had multiple sections of her face and body, even her ears, where she has skin cancer and they've had to remove things which left scars and they don't always go away. this has been going on for about 5 years. She didn't wear sunscreen often and tanned beautifully. Those are often the consequesces. This will be ongoing for her. Smiley Sad  So get some good skincare, doesn't have to be$$$$, ask if you need more guidance. Wear SPF daily, summer and winter. Peter Thomas Roth makes one that is in a powder form so it shouldn't have any affect of your makeup and it can be reapplied and with moisturizers and foundations. Sephora carries it. It's in a cylindrical cartridge with a brush attached, From what I heard it virtually never expires, it's a mineral, they say you can even stash one in your glove compartment and even that extreme heat wont affect it. I had something similar by a different color and it had pigment, which was too dark for me,  So I used it on my arms and places not near my face where it wasn't as noticeable. Hope this helps. Come back if you want more specifics. Oh, and get eye cream, Super Important and a neck cream would be good as well, againl, dont spend mad $$$ though. Start early, you'll be glad you did. Smiley Happy


ps didn't proof, hope not to many errors, gotta go, let me know if something is unclear. Smiley Happy


Hi vngars,


I love MAC products:


Their eyeshawdows and lipsticks  have been awarded "best eyeshawdows" and "best lipsticks" by allure magazine and the upper hand department stores for at least the last 3 years. I have a majority of their brushes and they are excellent. As far as foundation I have worn everything from Dior to Chanel and everything in between and after I started using their MAC studiofix powder foundation I've worn it for over 10 years and I'm not interested in even trying anything else, because of the coverage and finish it gives. So I'm not sure about the products I haven't used but the ones I have used they get an A++ in every way from me. Hope this helps!


Some people love their products and others hate it.  MAC actually isn't as expensive as other lines out there such as Dior, Chanel, YSL, etc they are pretty affordable.  I love MAC brushes, once you try them you will want to stay away from drugstore makeup brushes because they don't scratch your face and are soft.  The only foundation I have used is the face and body and the studio moisture tint and they are good if you don't want to appear you are wearing a ton of foundation, it's sheer coverage.  I love their loose powders for the face it's very natural looking.The other products that I love from them is their pro long wear concealer, eyeshadows, paint pots, fluidline, makeup wipes, lipsticks, and glosses.  They do have good blushes and bronzers but so does NARS and their mascaras are okay I like Origins brightening mascara right now.  I guess you can always go to the counter and test them out and see if MAC is something you want to add to your makeup collection or not.


MAC makeup is by no means cheap!


But maybe get a product or two to try and see. (Even if you request it for Christmas!)


I would suggest their lipstick and eyeshadow as there are better alternatives to their foundations and mascaras...

Maybe go for something neutral you can't go wrong with eyeshadows like: Patina,Satin Taupe, SablE,All That Glitters and Naked Lunch and Lipsticks like:Hue,Creme Cup and Angel... 

But for your cat eye Blacktrack fluid line is seriously amazing and creamy! Or even Carbon eyeshadow flicked at the outter corners of your eye Smiley Happy


Hope this helps,

Also, a pro with mac is that when you finish 6 products you can take your empty packaging to a MAC store and receive a free lipstick,lipgloss or eyeshadow!



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