Do I wear too little makeup? Too much?

hi! ok so im a freshman in highschool and this is what my makeup usually consists of when I'm going to school: under eye concealer, white eyeliner,mascara, and lipbalm. Is this what I should be wearing for my age? Because I see, through out the hallways, people with a lot of foundation, eyeliner, and lipgloss, and then people wearing absolutely no makeup. So I'm kinda lost. Please help!


Re: Do I wear too little makeup? Too much?

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Wear the necessities, no need for more. I remember in high school and was reading something from Bobbi Brown, who said young girls should not put more than 10 things on their face (for me that's moisturizer with SPF, lip balm so 2 normally, and add powder/lipstick/eyeliner so 5 for special occasions). 


Re: Do I wear too little makeup? Too much?

Hi! That sounds absolutely perfect to me.  I wouldn't use a lot of products you don't need like a heavy foundation, since it would probably just end up clogging your pores and breaking you out.  If you wanted to add something, you could put a light shimmery shadow on your lid just to brighten your eyes without it looking like a lot of makeup, like Stila's Kitten.  But if you're happy with what you're doing now, it sounds great to me!  Here's the link to the shadow if you want to check it out:





Re: Do I wear too little makeup? Too much?

You have your own personal sense of style. Sometimes we are not aware how fortunate we are until we are much older. Save your funds to replenish the cosmetics you already use 4 when you run out  (or on school clothing or a favorite book or fragrance - if affordable). Of course, a young lady does like to feel feminine. I'm rather old (50+) but I have a fair amount of teen-aged & 20 something males in my gene pool (family)  who remark negatively on the excess of makeup ladies their age apply (inexperienced application happens at my age, too). It isn't how much you wear - its how healthy, happy & comfortable you are w/the way you look. Beautiful women seldom need very much makeup, Skincare (cleansing & moisture; when necessary) is what is key to maintaining a beautiful complexion, I must agree w/the beauty whiz who was 1st to respond to your post. Smile, be confident. Confidence is the best primer & foundation for young beauty - especially if you have a good complexion, I salut you for posting such an all important concern of young women of your age/generation.


Re: Do I wear too little makeup? Too much?

It all depends on what you feel most comfortable in. Compared to my makeup routine, yours sounds like a breath of fresh simiplicity! Im jealous! But I need much more to cover my manymany imperfections. Just use what you need. I think the less you pack on, the better for your skin overall. If you are happy with the way you look, then by all means continue your routine! Don't base your makeup choices on whether other ppl wear more or less. I am in my early 20s and I know people my age or older who wear NOTHING and others who wear much more. 


For a daily routine as a freshman, your makeup plan sounds great in my opinion. and if you feel comfortable, then there is no need to add more! Unless its basic skincare products like a good moisturizer and sunscreen!

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