Distressed lips from makeup application
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My lips have been dry for a very long time & large, loose pieces will flake off often or I will rip them off myself from annoyance, etc. Exfoliating makes them worse (super harsh and bloody). I think the reason they are like this is because my foundation (liquid or mineral) will get onto them when being applied. I cover them with a lip balm or petroleum jelly first and then press them inward, concealing them while I do my makeup. Surprisingly, this does not always work and the foundation appears to accumulate into fine lines on my lips. These fine lines are probably the result of this makeup application fiasco. Any advice on how to protect your lips while applying makeup? PS: Jack Black's lip balm is the best I've found thus far for soothing my distressed lips, but only works temporarily. 

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I'm a fan of the JB lip balm too! I love a thicker balm!


Try Napoleon Perdis' Auto Pilot lip balm, you can use it as a balm, lip primer, or on top of lip products. It feels amazing on the lips and gives just a slight sheen to the lips so if you wear it over lipstick or lip crayons it won't cause bleeding since it stays pretty well.

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Caudalie has a lip conditioner  that is awesome to put on before lipstick or just any time your lips feel dry and it's only like 12.00. Well worth the price.

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I'm going to second the recommendation on the Fresh Advanced Lip Therapy balm. I use this morning and night and I rarely have flaky lips. I would also recommend the Rosebud Lip Salve, which is available at Sephora in 4 variations: mint, strawberry, original tins and original in a tube. This salve feels like petroleum jelly but is an intense emollient without the greasy feel and smell.


What have you used to exfoliate the lips? I would try the Fresh Sugar lip scrub if you haven't got a scrub already.

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Hi beba555!


My lips are ALWAYS dry, too, and I've found that extremely gently, rubbing a washcloth on them when I wash my face is the best exfoliation when they're irritated. Then, I use only hydrating lip products, like Tarte LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Tint instead of drying stains or lipsticks, and then finding a really good lip balm.  I like Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, which I use under any lip color each morning and Blistex Deep Renewal lip balm, which I apply every night. It takes a while to work, but it makes a huge difference in lips!

When applying makeup, just try to be very gentle and go slowly so it doesn't end up on your lips.  If it does, a wet cotton swab is great at gently removing it.


Hope that helped!!

xoxo, Charlotte Smiley Very Happy

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