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Does anyone know if Sephora plans to release a Aurora or Belle Disney palette? I have already purchased my Ariel palette, which I am so happy they made, and I'm just dying to know what they plan to release in the future. Any info would be great; thanks!!! :smileyvery-happy:

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Hi becca15,


Stay tuned for upcoming princesses. I'm excited for Aurora and Belle also, they're two of my favorites :smileyhappy:.

Whimsically yours,

Belle is my absolute favorite Disney princess, I hope Sephora reconsiders keeping the Disney trend going. I don't want to look at the side of my palettes and see only volumes 1-3....when there could be more. It really feels like a set of books when its on my shelves. Also the collectable mirrors are just gorgeous and exciting to collect. 



Sadly becca15 sephora has said repeatedly that this was the ariel collection was the last collaboration with Disney and this is probably the reason why...


So far disney has released 3 collections

Wickedly Beautiful

Unlock the Spell

Fiery Spirit (the current collection) which focus on the strong-willed, brave, independent and fearless princesses: Jasmine, Merida, Mulan and Pocahontas


The upcoming collection Fantasy in Flight is set to debut at Disney Vault 28 at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney® District and Tren-D at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney® Marketplace on Saturday, November 23, 2013.


Sephora has stated in ads that this is the third and final Disney collab. Crossing my fingers that this isnt true :smileysad:


I wish that Disney and Sephora would listen to the huge number of people wanting more princess collections. It can only mean more money for them! My favorite would be Belle! 

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I am desperately waiting for an Aurora Collection, if I have a baby girl that will be her name, I am 12 weeks =)

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I thought they quit...I also read somewhere that Disney said to sephora that "no more, we will continue it" but the person who made that blog said that the Disney collection wasn't as exciting as Sephora.

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Disney officials say Beautifully Disney is intended for its guests at its theme parks and resorts and, with no immediate plans to expand retail distribution beyond its stores.

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I hope it is Belle, since her color scheme is perfect with fall, golds and browns. Besides, that was the only princess I was going to buy EVERYTHING for. I bought all the quads so far, but I decided when I missed the chance to get the Cinderella mirror that I would only get everything for Belle because she was the only princess I watched the movie of regularly when I was little. 


Also, wouldn't it be cool if Mulan got eyeliner too, but like a thinner one. I feel they should do the pallettes that flatter every eye color/shape/colored person first. But...

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I would love a Belle palette. But even more so I would ADORE a Tiana or Pocahontas palette. I'd **bleep** those up in a heart beat.

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Supposedly this was a test for Disney and they are launching their own makeup line. I am hoping they will continue to distribute through Sephora with LE items because they are all so beautiful. They were only supposed to do the 3 - I am hoping they decided to do more but who knows. I don't care too much for the fragrances, but the palettes and the compacts I have gotten them all.

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I am a Sleeping Beauty fanatic, if Sephora keeps going with the Disney Princesses I would be so happy!

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Sorry BrennaMcD-


This was the last collaboration with Disney and Sephora Collection!

<3 Melissa
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I want to see a swatch so bad...I cant wait til mine comes in.... :smileytongue:

Aurora and Belle would be so pretty too.

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