Dior Skin Shimmer Amber or Rose?

I want to get one of the Dior skin shimmers and do not know if I should get Amber diamond or Rose Diamond. I was color matched at Mac to be a NW20 but sometimes I feel as if the foundation is too pink. I think my skintone is more neutral but with maybe a more slighlty pinkish undetone than yellow.

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Hi Joesgirlie,


Well based on your concern being that you feel that your foundation can be a bit pinky, definitely go with the Amber. the reason for that is because it is a golden tone and will help to cancel out any pink on your skin. I personally use this product myself and a great tip is to use a fan brush when applying the product. It will help to layer and sheer out the shimmer. It also works well to use as an eye shadowSmiley Happy.




Sara B

Sephora Pro Artist


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